Yamaha TTR 250 Starter motor wanted

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  1. hello, Ive got a TTR250. The electric starter has packed up. Anyone got a spare or might be able to reco a shop that could fix it. My cyrrent Chang has run out of ideas.

    He reckons with the over bore kick starting her is nigh on impossible.

  2. Is it just the starter that is the problem, or is it the sprag clutch/gear that have shred their teeth as usual with the TTR?
  3. Joe's Bike Shop here in Chiang Mai was the Guy who first imported these and said the Starter was a Common Problem. Mine Touch wood hasn't had any so far? You could try asking Him if He has any Parts left over or maybe he can advise where to get them? Take a look on the Internet as there is a TTR Website where it tells everything there is to know about all the Models from the Start to now! Good Luck.
  4. Maybe I have one I have some more spareparts from the TTR. Importend also the black box CDI. Cost a lot of Thaibaht. I m back in CNX next week. Send me a tel no.
  5. Thanks for suggestions. is that Joes bike rental shop? it is the sprag clutch as well, apparently.

    The bikes in good condition. engine good. its a shame to be just sitting there, getting older.
  6. Hello Danioli Joe dont havy any parts anymore. But I was yesterday in a Bike shop the owner Khun Bond ( James Bond ) modified the TTR. When I m there he fix a TTR with a kickstarter. He told me its cheep and easy to do. His tel no. 086 1180 695
  7. Mine had the electric as well as the kick starter. I got tired of the electric starters sprag clutch problems so I removed the electric starter completely, as well as the starter gears, and patched the hole in the crank case up. Most people buy the TTR250 for the e-start though so it may not suit everyone, besides the e-start is great when you've been riding all day and you're stuck in 2 feet of mud and the bike stalls.

    But back to the OP's question, if you're ever passing through Bangkok, try the spare parts section of Red Baron, otherwise do as Ian said and try the internet, ask Brian who runs www.ttr250.com, he's away at the moment but will be back in about a week, he's usually got plenty of TTR250 spares lying around. Cheers.

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