YAMAHA TTR RAID 250cc - 35k baht neg.

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  1. Good runner, off or on road - 11 years old
    Regularly serviced (German mechanic)
    Extended range tank (500kms), electric start
    Large headlight, fitted luggage rack
    Available to see and ride in CHIANG MAI
    Call: Andy 0817645311 [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    35,000 baht or best offer by end of Feb, need cash to buy newer bike on offer.

  2. papers, plate?
  3. Don't think that for THB 35k you'll get book and plate even if the bike's 11 years old. Otherwise it would be a special occasion and no one would hesitate to buy it in an instant. cheers FR
  4. got any pictures of the bike>?


    paddy moo at hotmail dot com
  5. hi there

    got any pictures of the bike?

  6. Sorry, BIKE IS SOLD, I barely had a chance to figure out how to upload pics, it went for 32k.

    One note on plates (for the benefit of all)...

    To get a bike 'plated' will cost you a minimum of 30,000 baht, so don't expect much for less than 50,000 baht if you're hoping for a totally legal bike you can take in and out of the country.

    Since off road bikes are not manufactured in Thailand (well, real ones for adults) they all have to be imported, with up-to 60% duty slapped on them. For this reason most bikes on the market have been imported as 'spares' and rebuilt, and as such are not properly registered. I believe you can get papers/plates for a 30k bribe (involving matching of an engine number of a 'dead bike' somewhere).

    Frankly, unless you really want to take the bike touring outside of Thailand it's just not worth paying the 60% extra to get it registered. In 5 years of riding such bikes in Chiang Mai I have never once been pulled up by the police (they didn't even notice once when fining for not wearing a helmet) and even if they did the worst they could do is fine you 400 baht. Legally they have no right to confisgate the bike since it's not illegal to own an unplated bike (for private use on your farm for instance). Of course, the police are capable of any extortion scam and I have heard of people being 'done' for renting unregistered bikes.

    I'm usre this has been discussed before on this forum.

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