Yamaha TZR 150CC Wanted

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  1. pujai

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    I'm living near Kanchanaburi and love the Yamaha TZR 150cc, two stroke bike. Faster than a flying bullet! There must be thousands of used ones around but sofar I have not been able to locate one, with low mileage and in mint condition.
    Does anyone know the right places in Bangkok to go and look around for these kind of bikes? If the price is right, I'd like to buy two bikes.

    Thanks a lot!

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  3. BignTall

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    You might also want to put the Honda NSR 150 on your list. Same style bike by Honda. There is one on this web sight plated and all a few threads down. There is also a Farang owned company in Pattaya that does all types of work (suspension, motor, pipes, etc) to make the NSRs scream like your favorite Grand Prix 125 race bike.

    Good luck with the search.
  4. pujai

    pujai New Member

    Thanks Racer55, I'll check it out, for sure!

  5. Camcoop25

    Camcoop25 New Member

    The TZM is the sportier version of this bike with better brakes, aluminium wheels (instead of the spokes on a TZR) and a slightly different head. Bit quicker, definitely handles better as well. They are everywhere at all the small private dealers, and you can probably pick one up for 20-25k, then put 10k into sorting everything out.
  6. pujai

    pujai New Member

    Thank for the info!!

    In the mean time I've seen the Honda CBR 150cc, 4 stroke, TOC. Stunning bike. I've googled for any test report. To no avail. Anyone knows this bike. I'd appreciate any info.

  7. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer


    I've put a few thousand KM's on an Honda NSR 150 sp and can wholly recommend one for some apex strafing fun in the twisties. I have ridden a CBR 150 briefly and my take is that they are a good city bike, having a better in town powerband. A bit underpowered compared to the NSR with a civil 12 HP or so. They lose to the NSR in terms of hooliganism and hop up potential. It all depends on your preference. Do want a cheap but fun corner scratcher that can be your city mount or is the intended use just getting arond the city.

    The NSR tops out at an indicated 175 on the speedo but that is an optimistic number. Not sure what the CBR pegged does.

    Here's a shot of the NSR on an overnight camping trip in the hills of north Thailand.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  8. pujai

    pujai New Member

    Hey Old Friend Racer55, Still Kickin' Ass And Very Much Alive!!

    Thanks for your reply and the awesome pic!! The NSR makes my mouth water...I'm living in the boondocks near Kanchanaburi and will be going to BKK next weekend (weekend of November 4). Anyone knows some reliable shops in BKK that carry a good stock of used motorcycles? Not the real big stuff. Up to 400CC?
    Thanks again and regards

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