Yamaha WR 250 R Question

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  1. anybody seen this in Thailand? If so can you direct me to the dealer/person. Thai plates not needed.
  2. Jimoi, to my knowledge, Yamaha told me that they intend to import both WR250 and 450 not later than next year. If you would like to know more, please see Yamaha posts and contact Charoenmotors Khun Bunnag (Tum) directly in Chiang Mai. Cheers, Franz
  3. Gday Jimoi.

    About 5 months ago the Yamaha dealer in Chiang Mai told me the WR250 maybe available early next year at a price over 300,000 baht. And they would only have the enduro model.

    There was a lot emphases on the word ‘maybe’.

    But again, that was 5 months ago.

    Cheers Moto-Rex
  4. Hope the price came down in the meantime - 300,000THB?!
  5. Jim,
    I can understand why you are interested in this bike. They are certainly an evolution in 250 dirt bikes. They are expensive about $11,000 in Aus. A KTM690E is $15,000 as a comparison.
  6. Yes Fantastic Bike :D I have seen a New one here in Chiang Mai but owned already and heard there was one in Chiang Rai, David may know more on that? It will be at Least middle to end of Next Year before we see Any Legal Dirt bikes from Yamaha and same for Honda. You will have to Go Grey Import. Due to it's High Cost there is less Market for it? You could Get a New Kawasaki KLX250 and D-Tracker 250 for the Same Money, Both Legal with a Warranty & a Plate!!! Not in the Same League but you get 2 Toys versus 1 and depends what you are doing with them? The WR is an Expensive Bike in NZ the WR450 is $2000 More than a XT660R. Price expected for a WR450 here when available has been quoted at 450.000 Baht !
  7. The Ambassador is back !
  8. Jimoi - You may need to clarify the model you're after.

    Yamaha makes two versions of the WR250. One a serious off road Enduro bike WR250F, and one a deturned version (different motor than the WR250f) to compete with the KLX and XR, the WR250R I beleive. Two totally different bikes. A decent amount of grey market import WR250F's are located in Thailand already.

    As Ian stated a single WR250R located in Chiang mai. The owner uses it for Enduro's strangley enough.
  9. Well I was curious as a Lao man just paid 370000 baht for one including Lao plates.

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