YAMAHA WR250F 2008 170 000BT Plated/road legal

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  1. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    YAMAHA WR250F 2008 170 000BT Plated/road legal


    Cambodian registered/plate, imported from California.Currently Temp. import in Thailand
    Alloy frame.Electric start. New camchain and Ti valves.Recent new forkseals, tyres
    handguards, yzf exhaust,alloy bashplate
    Injury forces sale
    In Chiang Mai
    msg me.post here or freeride..At..hotmail..co.uk if youre interested or want more details

    More pictures up as soon as I can get it cleaned
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  3. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    Are you ready to ride offroad through Laos,Thailand,Cambodia and the rest of SE Asia?
    Then this is what you need.
    Just want the best bike for the mountains in north Thailand? Here it is....
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A good looking bike alright. Should be a winner for someone.

    What's the score with the temporary import now - is it in the Thai Customs computer, under who's name & is it on overstay, or still in the clear?
  5. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    It is currently on extension of a Temporary Import, from April, so on the Thai computer ATM and can be extended until October.
    It's 100% registered in Cambodia, with all documents in my name.
    So it might take a little effort, but it shouldnt be too hard to transfer it to the new owner.
    Though This Is Thailand, anything can happen.
  6. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    Impossible to register a used bike in thailand. Of course i would be thrilled to be proven wrong :)
  7. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Its registered in Cambodia, I assume it will remain registered there. I've heard that the Thai temporary import game is getting a bit more tricky/expensive these days...

    Then again, for bike that's only going to be used off-road, registration isn't really an issue, is it?

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