Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere - Rarity for Sale

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  1. I finally decided to let go of the Super10 as I do not ride my bikes as much as I would like to. The DR650 is still in parts to be repaired later on but FJR and Nuovo serve me well in the meantime.
    So here's some details for interested persons:
    Year 1996, registered – insured – taxed in Chiang Mai (recently transferred from Bkk) until 25.1.2013, completely rebuild with original imported & some local parts.

    What has been done in general but not limited to:
    New battery, tyres (Metzeler Tourance), EBC brake pads, brake discs front EBC, steel braided brake lines, new bearings & gaskets on wheels, new screen, new seat liner, 45 lts GIVI topbox, Acerbis handguards, new rectifier, new ignitionswitch, new carburetor & petcoke gaskets & needles, new rubber intake scoops, valves adjusted, new sparkplugs & caps, new EBC clutchplates & springs, new oils & filters, new brakefluids, anticorrosion cooling fluid, new levers, new Progrip grips, new bulbs, added 2 relais for stronger headlights, new head bearings, new oil in frontforks, new fork-rubbers, Progrip tankpad & wheel stripes, new right upper fairing, new rear fairing, new chainslider & roller, rear lowering kit (2.5cm),........and many more small parts

    Bike comes with 2nd engine in parts, engine gasket set, Dynojet stage 1 kit, K&N filters and some other new & used parts.
    Some fotos of the S10, colour was kept original as I like it (pink stripes are just Progrip rimstripes added on and for anyone not liking it, can be easily removed):

    Asking price is THB 190,000.- ONO as I spent already much more than that and you can't get an AT in this shape for a similar price with a 100% legal plate & book.

    I am also open to a trade-in with a Ninja250R, D-Tracker250 or a CBR250R-ABS with an addition of cash of course.
    Please no 'Cheap Charlie' offers and no comparisons with ER6N and the like as this bike solves a different purpose, no joyrides & tyrekickers........

    Carburettor glitch has been solved and new immersion tubes now have her idle smoothly; previous owner couldn't find the problem and dropped the needles totally down plus omitted all washers used on them but still couldn't get satisfying idle because through oval wear of the tubes, engine drowned in petrol at idle.
    Electrical problem of drained battery was also solved with rebuilding some parts of the wire harness, fitting a new rectifier and 2 relais for the headlights, usually this model was built for 2x 35 Watts headlights but it had 2x 55W in it without any relais, so after a longer ride the battery always went dead.
    As this bike is very tall I fit a 2.5 cms lowering kit on the back and dropped the forks up front by 1 cm, can still be lowered more; also took of some foam while relining & refoaming the seat, so now I get both feet onto the ground.
    Mileage of the huge tank is amazing, I once got more than 450 kms out of the 25 liters tank.
    Engine is amazingly powerful and revvs easily, no 'holes', no spluttering.........

    Intersted persons please post or PM me, rgds, Franz
  2. In view of so many bikes on sale and no movement in the market at all I reduce the price to THB 190,000.- rgds, FR
  3. Same again, not much movement on the Thai second hand bike market, mainly tyrekickers and timewasters did contact me but none seemed to have been really interested.
    This is as low as I can go, new price THB 170,000.- / price is firm..........rgds, Franz
  4. Bike is now SOLD to a Thai friend !!

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