Yamaha YBR 125 G for sale in HCMC

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    I purchased this bike a month ago, from Flamingo Travel in Hanoi. They had a fleet of them for motorcycle tours and rentals. This is one of the best they had available.

    Specs and description: http://www.flamingotravel.com.vn/Motorbike-rent/dm236/

    If you want a bike that is reliable that will carry up to 200 kilos and take anything Vietnam can throw at it, this is the bike for you.

    It's in very good shape, cosmetically and mechanically. I've ridden it for 3000 kilometers through Vietnam. From single track to highways, this bike will go everywhere and never leave you stranded.

    It has over a 400 km cruising range, with a 12 liter tank. it has folding luggage racks and the tires and brakes only have 3000 km on them. It's got a more comfortable geometry for folks who would be crowded on a Win or the like. Much better for all day riding.

    Since I've had it, I've only had to have basic maintenance done and I always took it to a Yamaha Dealership. I had the oil changed every 800 km. It comes with spare parts and tools as well, though I never had to use them.

    I'm also throwing in a tank bag w/ clear map pocket, great for using your smartphone as a map or gps, yes the touchscreen works through the pocket. A Vietnam map and atlas. An Aeorstich Darien riding suit, an Aria helmet, armored gloves and steel towed boots. The riding suit and the helmet are about 10 years old, but still serviceable and better than anything available here. I can also give you PDF's of the owners manua and a shop manual, just in case.

    I can help with route planning and answer any questions about riding in Vietnam.

    Priced to sell at $1000 or BO. This is a sold bike and more capable and reliable than 90% of what you'll find in HCMC. Perfect for traveling to hanoi and points north!

    Please feel free to write me via this ad or call me at

    094 768 4487

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