Yang Moen - Pong Sa - Pa Pae

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  1. A loop out through Samoeng, to Yang Moen & then off raod to Pong Sa & through to Pa Pae.

    Once again inspired by Slash's post on 2nd January, I wanted to see what was at the top of those steps.


    It was well worth the effort. Puffing & panting, I emerged into the forest at the top to see a really beautiful temple being constructed.

    I lunched at the t junction in Yang Moen and then took the right turn and followed my senses north east and eventually made my way through Pong Sa onto the 1095 at Pa Pae.

    To make an interesting loop back home, I took the right at Mork Fa after a stop at Pankled Coffee and rode through to the 3010 on the track I rode last year when very very muddy. Today it was dry & dusty.

















    One of yours I think Jeff ?

    For the gps stuff, go here ...

  2. Ally
    Thanks for the wonderful post...

    That's one hell of a view of the road down below


    I'm glad it was you climbing up the steps; but are you sure there isn't a track around the back somewhere to ride up?
  3. Not sure about it but I guess the answer to your question is here - building materials transported by a cable hauling system.

  4. How was the road from that Karen village north of Yang Moen where you take the left towards Pong Sa as opposed to going to the right directly to Paapae?
  5. Yep, a faithful Honda VRX400 ridden by a French bloke who was on his way to Pai.

    Incidentally, if you are up in Yang Moen and fancy a bit of dirt, there is a hilltribe track that goes from YM north to Tung Ting. Doable in the dry on the D-Tracker and great views. I think I have the GPS track on my unit so give me a bell if you want it and I'll bring it into the shop.


  6. Johpa - Just as Pikey described the track to Tung Ting, doable. The Isuzu taxi with a gaggle of ladies in the back made it through with no problem, kicked up a load of dust though.

    I did have just one F*** F*** F*** moment with a large grade loose decent but I just hung on in there & laughed afterward !

    Pikey - That's 2 reasons (+ a cuppa) to come & see you. In actual fact the Tung Ting to Yang Moen I think did last spring when I rented a Dtracker for a trial. That's a nice track indeed.

    I do promise, honest , I will call you -24 hrs to arrange when I will pop in.


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