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Yangon - expat eateries

Discussion in 'Restaurants - Myanmar' started by Franz, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. 2nd both suggestions, same neighborhood.....L'Opera owner in YNG was partners with the owner of La Scala here in VTE. They split and Marco kept L'opera and the other guy cam here, 12 years ago.

    The L'Opera menu is extensive and exhausting. Make sure you call ahead and ask for outdoor seating on the huge and well manicured lawns set on the lakeside in Inya Lake, also the home and place of house arrest for Aun Sung Suu Kyi. The setting is really magical and ideal for a romantic splurge or if you've just come in from upcountry and need real food. It doesn't disappoint.

    There is also a 24 hour diner style place, real nice, real modern, called 24-7, next door to the Park Royal Hotel, kinda near the night market. Great cheap, clean, expat food, all hours/days.
  2. The most popular place to meet expats in Yangon would have to be 50th street Bar and Grill on, you guessed it, 50th street, #9-13. Western Style bar, a little pricey but a good place to play pool and knock back a few Myanmar beers

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