You know you love your bike when....

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  1. Satonic

    Satonic Ol'Timer

    = You look through your phone and find 500+ pics of your bike(s), 2 of your wife.

    = You spend all day cleaning your (dirt) bike, cutting and banging your knuckles cleaning every last spoke only to take it out 24hrs later to a muddy field and start the process all over again.

    Feel free to add your own :)
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  3. You come back from 28 days offshore, say 'ello to the missus but cannot wait to take the baby/beast out again! I felt exactly like that when I picked the Africa Twin up from the fabrication shop this morning, thinking "I've fallen in love all over again!!"
  4. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    You know you love your bike sleep with it

  5. Satonic

    Satonic Ol'Timer

    ^ Brilliant!
  6. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    My wife and MiaNoi both state that I can ride a woman for 30 minutes and then i fall off and go to sleep ,,,,but i can ride a bike for several hours not fall off and then cuddle it with spanners and polish for another few hours , so they reckon i love bikes more than women !!!!!

    both vices are expensive
  7. monty1412

    monty1412 Ol'Timer

    when you replace your facebook intro photos of you and your loved one with photos of you and your real loved one ( the bike of course).. Got asked why.. was a touch short of a good answer.. in these cases a typical male shrug seems to suffice
  8. mezcal

    mezcal Ol'Timer and your wife are invited to go to her friend's wedding, but you slip away and go to the Bangkok Bike Festival. :) give your wife a recycled rose for Valentine, while thinking about that new aluminium swingarm.
  9. monty1412

    monty1412 Ol'Timer

    Your girlfriend introduces you to her friend who goes by the name of Tiffany
    Tiffany is hot
    Tiffany has silicon implants
    Tiffany is an exotic dancer
    Tiffany is without a place to stay at present and so is coming to stay at your house for a short while
    Tiffany is very promiscuous and enjoys menage a trois

    You decide its good for your girlfriend to have some company and use this situation to jump a flight and get up to Chiang Mai for a few days riding while Tiffany stays at your place.

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