You might want to wait before you buy a Kawaski

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by ray23, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Question is will they still be treated as a import:

    I bought a used 800 today with a book that I can fix up wihtout to much money involved so I'm going to wait and see what happens

  2. If they are made here under the same licence as the 250's and the 650's then they will not be imports.
    That may be a long time to wait Ray.
    I just about managed to wait for 1 day once I decided to buy the 650R, 2 days would definately have been too long, and sometime in 2010 or maybe 2011????? :(
  3. So thats why the 650 was low priced that's a real good sign. The 800 will get me buy for a few years,
  4. That news sounds promising.

    Hopefully they may fuel inject the KLR 650,they would be very popular here.The resounding success of the ER6s
    would give them some indication to market locally surely?

    Oh and maybe wishfull thinking,but the Usa Rrp of $5,599 should equate to just over 190K Bht here...I will be first in the cue !
  5. Time will tell
  6. Hi all,

    Good news!
    And I suppose in some next years bikers in LOS may have a great choice between japanese brands... But I agree with John, sometime in 2010, 2011 or the next ones, you don't know what can happen...
    Today is the right day to live (and ride)! Well, IMHO... :roll:

    Ray, maybe I missed something but what about this "800 with a book that you can fix up wihtout to much money involved"?
    You got one?.. Brand? Condition? Where and how you found it? Some pics maybe somewhere on this forum? :wink:

  7. Kawaski 800, Mostly clean up, engine and trans are strong. But I have to get it ready for touring. My normal fu fu stuff should be a good project adn be ready for the season.

    Actually shifts much better then my dragstar. Ran it up to 120 in third gear wasn't working yet. Thats good enough for me.
  8. I've decided to tide myself over with a new 2010 ER-6n ABS. What an awesome bike!! I don't think I'll need another one, to be honest - this one will do nicely, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

    For Kawa, there's nothing further I am looking forward to. You can already get the Ninja ZX10 if the 650s are too weak for you, you can already get the Vulcan. Not missing the Versys or that 1400cc roadmobile, personally, if they were available I'd still get the ER-6n.

    If other manufacturers shift big bike production to Thailand, things will get really interesting fast of course. But it's not something worth waiting for. Who knows if, and even if, it will take years.
  9. Me too I'm going through Vulcan 800 until I get the way I want it. That will hold me over to see if the price comes down on the 900.
  10. If I read the Article correctly that sounds like what they are going to do.

    The 650 going for 250K now was made in Thailand no import fees is my understanding.

    I'll play with this 800 keeps me out of trouble and not terrribly expensive here.

    I'll keep the 400 till I have it the way I want it
  11. John have you bought a Ninja 650R? Did I read that correct :?:

    Are you going to have 3 bikes now?

    Cheers Bard
  12. Hi Bard,
    Yes the whole story is below: ... t6153.html

    Severe reprimand for not keeping up to date with all GTR postings, but then I suppose Yamaha owners are not so inclined to follow the Kawasaki thread.
    I am looking to sell the FJR in a couple of months, you can follow the thinking in the thread above.
    Hope to touch base sometime, seems a long time, too much work and not enough play?
  13. Hi John,

    Hehe got me there I haven't followed the Kawa thread until I just happened to click on it and was surprised to see you bought a 650.

    Congratulations with the new bike John, enjoy your new toy. What colour did you go for?

    I have been stuck at work pretty much since I saw you last time, will probably not have proper time off until November. But then I'm supposed to get 3-4 months off which I truly look forward to. Have to come up and see you again when I finally get time off.
  14. Back to the article in the Yomiuri Shinbun: all it says is that Kawa and Honda will shift the production to Thailand since it's cheaper. That does NOT mean that the bikes will be available here - lots of products are made in Thailand by foreign companies for export only.
    Supertrapp has a factory here, but if you order one, you go through the US and pay the import price (that's what I've been told).
    So I wouldn't hold my breath for a KLX650 - it may be assembled here but not available at the dealer!
  15. But KZ. ALL the bikes that Kawa make here that pass the emissions test are sold here. so yes perhaps the entire range will not be available but i think the klr and possible the versys will be available.
  16. Allan

    The KLR 650 does not pass the emission test neither in Europe not Thailand and as long as it's carburated as now it will not be sold in Thailand. There are rumours that there will be a 2010 Fi model but there is nothing backing the rumour up for the moment. So we have to wait and see...
  17. TT ( Tis Thailand) But, that was a great deal David got on the 650. Like you say time will tell.

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