Your favorite day ride around C M ? Here is mine

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    The other day I repeated a loop that I had done before. I needed to confirm to myself which of the 2 options I liked better. My riding style is that of a snuffling dog, changing directions for any excuse.
    I wanted to go to Chiang Dao and when arrived in Phrao I felt like going to Wiang Pa Pao.
    The route was CM-Phrao on 101, in Phrao following 1150 which is very serpentine,no traffic at all, good condition, although the scenery is limited by unexciting vegetation lining the road. Back to CM on 118. Summary= A trip probably for the fast rider enjoying the sweeping 1150 and 118.
    Some 280 km total.

    Now I can make up my mind about my favorite day trip up North =
    Again on 101 to Phrao. Not much traffic, nice and undemanding.
    Leaving Phrao direction Chiang Dao but after a few km turn North on 1346. It's a wonderful 50 km stretch over many hills and through many valleys, hardly any soul or villages until the 1346 hits the 107. turning towards Chiang Dao. Ceremonial stop at NEST 2, where we stayed for one week on our first trip Phuket- Golden Triangle.
    I don't like the 107, for me boring therefore I go back to Phrao leaving Chiang Dao North on the 107 until it hits the 1150. The tropical vegetation , gigantic trees enclosed by thick vines is a dream for someone who cannot walk in the jungle.

    Like a stray dog I dislike going the same route twice, at least on the same day. Instead of going straight on 101 back to CM I like to sniff around, taking my time. Riding into the Sri Lanna Nat. Park, dreaming at the Mae Ngat dam about a raft tour. Following small roads to Mae Taeng.
    Or if I feel like leisurely cruising a bit more I follow the Ping River into Chiang Mai.
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    Pico... I like those routes! All beautiful. One trip you should do is go to Chiang Dao (stay the night if you are snuffling and hungry!) and then go to Arunothai and then up to Doi Angkhan the back way. Very beautiful ridge ride with no traffic. You can find rooms at Doi Angkhan village too. If you decide to go back down by the main route toward Fang, be advised it is very steep with many turns. A side car rider might not like it!

    I have a hard time deciding on my favorite day ride in CM. I guess it depends on the mood. I think you listed my local favorites for pavement, but there are some dirt routes I like as well. Have you ridden east of Chiang Mai up to Mae Kampong? The wife and I like to go to a resort up there for morning coffee and cake. We should try to do that in late June.
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    Pico Pico,

    I've done most of those roads and they are lovely.
    One route I am planning is out of CMX on the 118 up past Doi Saket and take a right onto the 1252 which is a beautiful mountain ride; find your way to the end of the 1252 and take a left on the 1035 which brings you to Wang Nuea on the 120. Thats approx 150km. From there you can get back onto the lovely 1150 or head back home.

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    Thanks both of you. I remember vividly going from Fang to Doi Angkhan on our first rip up her from Phuket.
    God was I naive, I felt after all these km invincible. Typical for me I was cruising down 107 when I saw the small sign Doi Angkhabut . One quick turn and off we go. Yes it was steep but my bike did alright.
    There was a long stretch with no curve at all so I roweled my horse remembering that max power was at 7500 rev( naive me). Consequence= rubber stinking, transmission belt slipping.
    I gave up turned around only to suffer an almost erotic humiliation= a Honda Wave with 2 people on it was gliding uphill with absolute easy.
    I admit after that defeat I never tryed Doi Angkhan again. Your route sounds easier and I will reach the summit this time for sure.

    I did the 1035 but not the end, good suggestion !

    The subject= "favorite day tours around CM" ought to be of interest to many readers. It's not meant for Pico only. :happy3: :happy3: :happy3: :happy3: :happy3:

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