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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by mbox999, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Hi David...the new Forum looks good and loads pretty fast too. Congrats and hope the feedback from others is good too . For me i quite like the colors - easy on the eyes.

    Happy trails,

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  3. Ally

    Ally Ol'Timer

    Works ok for me - Well done indeed that SEO guy :wink:

    Sure there will be teething problems but so far so good.

  4. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Running well in YUK
  5. mikehohman

    mikehohman Ol'Timer

    Upgrade looks great! And navigation seems to be easier too. Will take a little getting used to i guess.

    I did notice one thing: Any images that set to display at greater than 800 pixels (wide) will not be displayed...

  6. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Was bit surpriced when i could not log in few days and then today,, WOW new look,, exelent job and it work's in Ubon also :p
  7. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Yes, looks nice and load fast but still trying to find my way around. Was looking for the option "View new posts since your last visit". Finally found it as "View new posts" which by the way appears twice in the navigation panel on the left.

    It seems that the Search function works much better than in the old forum but still testing it.
  8. mauris

    mauris Ol'Timer

    Well done :p Really nice
    I got some errors in the header. I already sent you PM.
  9. artunltd

    artunltd Member

    New format looks really good. Now if you could change how to add photos to here would be GREAT.
    I belong to other motorbike forums and you can just drag and drop (copy/paste) photos. Is there any way we can do that here?
  10. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Had posted some additional comments on my tests with SEARCH but it is gone somehow.

    All my searches only show results from 2007 and the newest posts from today - nothing from other years even though I know that there are posts on the subject. For a test do a search on Guest house and you will get one page of results from 2007 and the post on guest houses in Vietnam. Captain Slash has mentioned many Guest houses in his posts nut none show up except his posts from 2007

    Can't find the option "Search by Author" - very helpful for finding posts.

    Also miss the name of the original poster (starter of a thread) for a topic. Topics sometimes go in strange directions and knowing the name of the original poster in the past helped in finding it back as you could search on author (now apparently no longer possible).

    In short, although it looks nice, I definitely do not find it an improvement over the old system and I agree with Bush Pilot when he says 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.
  11. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Hi there,
    Having upgraded my own forum just a few month's back running the same software (phpbb) as gt-rider there is a high chance that all the details required are not added yet...some of them have to be added later (MOD's or Automod's) . That includes a lot of the functions and one of them is auto image resize to adjust the pics to the board size and there are tons more....i think we will see that in the near future needs to be built up again to whatever is requested really. It is certainly an improvement to have upgraded.

    the sentence 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' is valid if you find compatible software or mods to older software and this why upgrades are done. It's like trying to find new software today that is compatible with windows 98. In the end we can have more than before if it is added.

    I for one am happy with the new design and have easier access to the forum via mobile phone as well.

    happy trails,

  12. Kiwi Cruiser

    Kiwi Cruiser Ben Kemp Staff Member

    The only thing that is constant in life is change :lol:

    Thanks for the word of encouragement, and apologies for slow response to helpful and constructive critiques etc - but I've been a little busy sorting out background issues...

    Previous comments predate the generation of the Search index... Having only completed that last night (5th April) I'm interested to know how its perceived to be now? I've run a few searches, it seems far better than the previous version... However, one thing that irritates me is that I still cannot search for highway numbers e.g. 1148, 1091 etc. I suspect that numbers are filtered out in the indexing process, and (as yet) have no idea if we can resolve that.

    Search By Author:
    An "Advanced Search" mode is available at top right:
    The "Search for author" option in there should satisfy most requirements, I expect.

    Image Resizing:
    In an effort to prevent accidental (or deliberate) posting of excessively large images, the Max Image width/height setting was set at 800 pixels. I've reset that so no check on image size is now made, because it seemed to create more problems than it solved. We are installing an "Image Resize" modification this week, sometime... Once we've got some other more important issues sorted out.

    See "Original Poster" in Topics:
    I think that one is sorted out, being more of a template layout issue than a software problem...

    Right Side Poster Details:
    Its odd how different things catch people attention - I'd never even noticed THAT issue until David asked about it!!! Apparently, thats one major layout difference between V2 and V3 in the default template and its derivatives... However, now that its been raised as an issue, I will see if there's a Left Hand Drive version of a phpBB3 template for those who are not comfortable with Right Hand Drive! :lol:

    So, I guess the "eye-sight-challenged" one's might not have spotted that dinky little vA^ icon up by the "login/logout" link at top right??? It is now possible to ADJUST the font size in both the "proBlack" and "prosilver" templates...

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" only holds good for so long... And then, NOT being able to post video's, have Digests, extended RSS functions, better Search facilities and sundry other positive factors eventually outweighs the reluctance to mess with something that's still working. :D

    Believe me, if I did not think it was worth the pain and suffering, I'd not have had a bar of it - I'm really not short of things to do at the moment... :roll: And of course, phpbb2 has almost reached its "use by" date, with phpBB3 having been released for nearly THREE years!

    So, regardless of whether you like the new system or not - the only real choice we had has been not IF we'd change, but WHAT we'd change to. In the final analysis, its far easier to convert to the next generation of the SAME software than it is to switch to vBulletin, Invision, SMF or any other forum system out there...

    At least THIS time around, there was no impact on Registered User logins: all existing User ID's and Passwords continue to work after the database conversion. There is still an issue with NEW registrations at the moment... :roll:
  13. Champasak

    Champasak Ol'Timer

    You might notice that if you hover the mouse pointer over a Topic, you'll get a cute little "pop-up" window display of the first 250 characters... No longer do you have to OPEN the Topic to see if its worth investigating deeper... :wink:

    That's really handy in the "Buy Sell" section...
  14. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    I've been on other phpbb3 boards and like the format, though each board may use different offered features.
    I like the new setup and appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to do the upgrade, as well as
    iron out any discovered the poster info on the right.
  15. Champasak

    Champasak Ol'Timer

    proSilver_Left is the 3rd Theme Option now available on the GT-Rider forum. This has the Author Info in the left column... Unfortunately, it appears that the "pop-up" Topic Info does not activate automatically on this theme... which just goes to show - its not a perfect world...

    You can select the theme from "User Control Panel" in the Board Preferences section.
  16. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Sorry but there is really no need to call people like that.....phpbb is free forum software and has tons of Mods/Automods and those have to be decided on what is best for the users. Differences in Mods/Automods maybe in speed , better more compatible, better looks... and have a variety of functions . To be honest if i have no glue about Forum structures and software i don't call names like that- or even make such post as you did :thumbdown:

  17. stubzi

    stubzi Ol'Timer

    If you go to the user Control panel and then Board preferences you can select there to get member info column on the left.
  18. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A warning has been sent. Pay attention to it, or else!
  19. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    OK, been playing around with this new outlook and happy about it, tryed to set different board colours in back round and for my eyes its bit too bright,, it's so funny how th mind set for new things faster,,or at least mine,,,

    Also other topic mentioned here was user information,, i was happy in previous version how the user information was in the left side, now here it's iright side so i set it back to left and wow,, did not like it at all, so i place it back to right and head again said,,good,,,funny how the mind is working.

    but again, this is how my head sees it.
    im happy customer :happy3:

    PS: can i have LT Smilies....LOL
  20. Champasak

    Champasak Ol'Timer

    Thanks Marco. All 3,800 registered members were sent emails immediately after the release of the "new" Forum software. and outlined new features. A subsequent email addressed issues that had arisen. New documentation on Avatars, Images, Digests, Video's etc was written and provided online...

    The changes have scarcely even caused a ripple so far - most people apparently approved of the enhanced functionality and got on with it! In total, there have only been a handful of comments, and only 1 emphatically negative. The only surprise issue seems to be the unexpected (and largely unnoticed) appearance of the Author Profile information on the right side of the Topic pages, instead of on the left as before...

    Most people (like myself) never even noticed that particular change or, if they did notice it, thought it either insignificant or an improvement! Apparently, 3 years ago when phpBB3 was released, that was one of the user interface changes towards "enhanced usability." It places more emphasis on the CONTENT, rather than the Author...

    The somewhat harsh comments from yesterday were a surprise. phpBB3 was released 3 years ago, and is (still) one of the most popular "Open Source" forum software packages available. The upgrade / transition took place over a 3 day period (not weeks) as stated. The only obvious interruption to board access for 99.9% of people was the 26 hour downtime while 44,000 posts from 7000 topics were converted into the new database format.

    Sundry issues were prioritised and addressed sequentially; search indexing, new user registrations, design templates, replacing old modifications with replacements offering similar or enhanced functionality, etc

    The issue of LH side vs RH side "author profile" in Topics was raised on 6th April. I responded to the comment that day, with an undertaking to look for a LH side version of a design template.... On 11th April, I announced availability of a template that provided the left hand side Author Profile layout... Searching for, installing and modifying a design template is not a 5 minute job. Is 5 days so unreasonable? :shock:

    Given that I'd donated MY entire weekend to solving that particular "issue" for one persons convenience, I can honestly say that the astonishing references to "the motherfucker who sold you on the software" did not impress me in any way, shape or form... :wtf:

    But there you go - its been said that "you can't please all of the people, all of the time"
  21. burnjr

    burnjr Ol'Timer

    nice looking no problem user in malaysia. :happy3:
  22. tonykiwi

    tonykiwi Ol'Timer

    The forum is fine however the software looks.

    I have learned that the older people get, the more they resist change. Some lose the ability to control their bladders too, it is just the way of getting older.

    I get really cheesed off when someone is sitting in my chair, until I eventually discover the other chair is actually better.

    Some people also have an inability to express without profanity.

    Continue in the same way, 'focus on the solution and not the problem'

    I appreciate the forum however it looks.


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