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  1. Winghunter

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    Hi everybody,

    our plannings are nearly done. Our trip planning in the North is done but......

    we want to add a few days in the South. Our idea is to get back to Bangkok from Chiang Rai and from there we wonna take a bus or train or pick up a flight to ?????

    First idea was to stay a few days in Pattaya but when I read all the stories about Pattaya, I would like to give that idea a miss. We are not interested in that kind of nightlife.

    We would like to have a few relaxed days at the end of our trip, staying at a nice beach and realx. If there is a chance to rent a bike or a scooter... Why not.

    It would be nice, if you can recommend us a nice place in the South where we can spend another 4 or 5 days.
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  3. Winghunter

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    Forgot to mention.

    David, in the meanwhile the GT Rider Shirts have arrived at my home. Thanks a lot. :p
  4. DavidFL

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    Glad to know everything is ok. Thanks for your GTR input.

    Power On. sent from Sony Xperia AcroS
  5. John Aero

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    I live south in Krabi town. You could try this area - main beach is Ao Nang but you also have Ko Lanta island, area is not bad for a few days and while a few exciting bars certainly not at all like Pattaya more back packers and families. Fly (12 hrs by bus!) from Bangkok direct to Krabi several low cost airlines, I use Bangkok Airways bit more expensive than Air Asia but goes from new airport which has a quick train direct into central Bangkok. You can pick up scooters in Krabi but better choice in Ao Nang, KLX, PCX, MTX etc. Need any further info let me know.

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