Your Top 10 Ugliest Bikes ever?

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  1. Today is one of those days,, when funny ideas comes to head

    So i was looking over the net and came to my mind to search worlds Uglies bike list.

    Found this page and what is your take?

    I personally dont have Ugliest list as i like one way or the other almost all the bikes and each bike has it's unigue look, but it's always fun to see what others think.

    Here is few comments from this page,, im sure there will be nice comments on this topic.

    Buell Lightning. Looks like it had a head-on collision

    KTM 690. This is what happens when a motorcycle is mated with an anteater.

    Honda V45 Magna. Everything is wrong with the styling of this bike. The motor was powerful, though!

    Honda Rune. How many people shelled out $30,000 for this two wheeled aberration?

    BSA Rocket 3. More at home on the Thunderbirds puppet set than on the street. Check out the triple muffler extensions!
    Triumph Rocket 3. Two Rocket 3s make it on the list. This behemoth looks like it was welded from tractor parts. And what is that chrome tumour growing on the fuel tank?

    Kawasaki KZ1300. Hard to believe this bike came from the same company that built the Z1. The recumbent buttocks fuel tank sitting on the heads, the square headlight and instruments, the feta cheese cylinders... gag...

    Yamaha Roadliner. How to take a lovely Road Star and massacre it. Gotham City styling meets swoops in all the wrong places. The fenders and mufflers are simply styling horrors. And the Art Deco tank!

    Suzuki SV1000. Takes naked styling to a new low. The only great thing about this bike is the engine, so they hide it!

    Honda CB400F. Nondescript tank, leg perforating rivets on the seat, and I'm sure a good welder can straighten those exhaust pipes right out.

    Number 10: Honda CB400F. Honda destroyed the jewel-like CB350 Four after just one year of production and replaced it with this square-edged faux racer junkpile. The exhaust pipes set a new low in idiotic styling and the rest of it is so undescript that it barely even registers. Ride it for two hours and you'll have holes in your legs where those saddle rivets are.

    Number 9: Suzuki SV1000. How to take a phenomenal motor and bury it inside angular and completely pointless styling. Is that bottom scoop designed to plough a path for the rear wheel in snow?

    Number 8: Yamaha Roadliner: Ugly is as ugly does. If you look carefully at the trailing curve of the front fender, you'll think it's an optical illusion. The Art Deco overlay on this bike is like styling a minivan inspired by Michael Keaton's Batmobile. can someone please tell me what those triple lines are doing around the frame neck?

    Number 7: Kawasaki KZ1300. Design a great six cylinder inline engine, make sure no one can see the beautiful cascading pipes by hiding them behind a Ford F350 radiator, then hide the rest of it beneath a tank that is shaped like the seated rear end of an obese man. Mix with square headlight and instrument panel and a tail section from a Suzuki GS. Mix and puke.

    Number 6: Triumph Rocket 3. I'm all for innovative styling but this monster just looks like it's an engineering mule. the other side of the bike at least has some visual interest with the three inline cylinders. This side is just cobbled together with shapes that don't fit and curves that don't jibe. Maybe they should have made the already huge picture frame radiator larger and hid the whole bike.

    Number 5: BSA Rocket 3. The original Rocket 3 is even uglier than its bastard offspring. Obviously designed by Gerry Anderson for use in his futuristic puppet shows, it's hard to believe that this same basic bike was marketed as the Triumph Trident which had Bonneville-styled good looks.

    Number 4: Honda Rune. The price of a custom-built cruiser without any of the style. The designers of this long, low, bulky battleship may have thought they were setting new styling trends, but all they did was forge a joke. The fenders should have been put back on the 1929 Reo Flatbed where they came from and the exhaust pipe should have had a guard to keep cats from crawling in there and going to sleep.

    Number 3: Honda V45 Magna. Admittedly it was close when placed up against the Suzuki Madura (aaargh!) but the Honda won the battle since it has even more tacked on pipes, bars, slabs and pointless doohickeys than the Manure-a.

    Number 2: KTM 690. There simply is no excuse for this sort of design. The may seen as some sort of trendsetting supermotard design, but all it does is just uglify a market segment that is already producing the ugliest bikes around. Maybe the proboscis should be made out of metal so that it can impale pedestrians who get in the way.

    The Number 1 Ugliest Motorcycle of All Time: Buell Lightning. How to take a perfectly wonderful Sportster motor and wrap it inside a train wreck. The whole bike looks like it's sitting in a scrap yard after an 80 mph head on collision with an Amtrak. There are no words to describe the profound repulsive hideousness of this... thing!
  2. Who would of thought that the Ferrari of the motorcycle world could of produced such objects of uglyness as these whilst still in their heyday :thumbdown:

    1967 MV Agusta 600cc Four

    1973 MV Agusta 750 GT

    But if 1 company deserves deserves a mention for outstanding contribution to the world of ugly bikes it would have to be MZ :wtf:


  3. in recent times, i think the new BMW S 1000RR is one of the ugliest sportbikes ever made. Forgiven slightly though for having 180bhp though. and the fact it got sportsbike of the year in most of the Uk sportbike mags :thumbdown:
  4. this make me smile, no i dont say it's ugly(in my eye) but it make me image IMMEDIATELY of body builder, with huge broad shoulders large chest and skinny tooth pick legs,,dont ask me why but that image came to my mind immediately when i saw MZ picture

  5. Here's one "fugly" according to me.

  6. I'll reinvigorate this thread? Maybe? or get abuse from Pikey.


    Maybe it's offspring is worse?


    I was going to add Velocette LE but the more I looked.......
  7. Wow! Hard to believe someone included the Ducati 916 on this thread. The 916 is one of the most collectable Ducatis of recent times. If I could afford a shed full of collectables, the 916 would certainly be in that stable. I do however respect that everyone has different tastes.
    The Ducati there's an ugly bike! :thumbdown:
  8. The KTM 690 is really ugly, I don't like the orange color and the bike definitely looks like an anteater. Although I have to admit that KTM makes fast and technically advanced bikes and they are one of the top manufacturers in racing. The 1973 Agusta also makes my list of the ugliest bikes, the coloring is tasteless.
  9. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Suzuki Gladius yet - looks like they crossed the SV with a vacuum or something!

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