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  1. Best known for their scooter shocks, YSS has quietly been making in-roads on the performance market.
    Some years ago the Thai company hired expertise from Europe with many years of experience developing shocks for White Power, Technoflex & Wilburs.
    Today YSS is making small runs of high performance shocks for the Big Four special performance bikes.
    I have been fortunate that YSS Thailand used their skills on adapting a shock setup for the Scrambler using my bike as a guinea-pig.


    Here are the technical details:

    Rear Shocks
    Rear fitting of G 366 TRC shocks with correct spring ,
    tailor-made rebound and compression settings.
    Installed with correct static sag adjustments.
    Length was extended 30 mm from standard shock .
    Aussie dealers undergoing YSS training fit my rear shocks
    I now have 126 mm stroke , compared to 100 standard of the G366TRC.
    YSS will soon be offering this special Scrambler YSS version through their distributors.

    Front Forks
    Front fork : Use standard spring, modify damping rod and install PD Fork valve 310.
    Note they removed my progressive springs I had installed
    and reverted to OE with this new fork valve.
    Walter Preisig [ex White Power] & Aussie dealers rebuild my front forks
    Oil weight was 15 W and air chamber for internal use.
    Set Oil height and spring preload to carry specific weight.
    In my case - substantial!!

    See here for front fork setup

    All aluminium parts are made of 6000 and 7000 series and are hard anodized.
    Shafts are C45 and induction hardened, and hard chromed.
    Piston ring and guides are made of calibrated Teflon.
    This manufacturing process in line with QS9000 & ISO 9002,
    German TUV approved and on even parity with the quality of Ohlins or WP.

    Quality Control
    Since the inclusion of suspension experts from Technoflex,
    Wilburs & White Power YSS have gained ISO & TUV ratings.
    Quality control for them is paramount even down to DVD
    cameras recording the build of each shock
    - so they can bactrack to construction should there be a problem.

    For the Bonneville
    YSS suggest the Z366TR or go with the G366TR for what they call “more extreme use”.
    Which they mean by Offroad , Heavy luggage etc

    Similarly for the Thruxton they say for normal street use the E 302 the
    Z302 and the G302TRC could do the job.
    Depending on your budget and need for adjustability.

    Here in Thailand YSS have many outlets - al,st every major urban centre.
    See here for their website www.yss.co.th
    In the USA please use http://www.yssusa.com
    The importer's name is Klaus Huenecke.
    In the UK / European distributor thru www.yss-europe.com
    In Oz - Link are the distributors and in NZ call Jason @ Thunderbikes.

    Other Bikes
    They do make shocks for other big bikes.
    Africa Twins & BMW R100GS are two that member have asked about.
    They are about to bring out shocks fore & aft for the R1200GS.
    There will be many more -TDMs etc- but you will have contact them.

    Finally this setup has given me 26mm additional travel
    but more importantly firmed up the riding package
    and actually making the bike handle both on and off tarmac.
    YSS is not just a cost effective option but it also matches the quality
    of its more famous European competitors.
  2. The bike is really looking good John! The detail is up to your usual high standards. Good research and work with the shocks also.

  3. Thanks Dave
    I'm afraid this is what comes with waiting 8 months for a plate to go x-border.
    Too much time to farkle away!
    I was very fortunate that the Aussies were there to set the shocks up
    As the bike with the YSS shocks prior to them being properly set-up, was rather skittish above 75mph, loaded-up on knobblies.
    After they played with it, the bike has become a different animal and more compliant to my suggestions.
    If Britbikes make good on their promise, then I'll be up for their CNX dealership opening on the way to Houay Xai.

    YSS certainly have the goods, the difficulty they will have, is getting competent dealers to fit and set them up.
    But that goes for any after market shock sold in Thailand.

    I should point out that both the Scram & my GS were transformed by Richie & his Dad.
    If you are planning a project give them a call.
    For Ceramic coating and/or powdercoating you cannot do better than Richie @ Richco in Chiang Mai.
    Very quick turn-around times [days], excellent work and reasonable prices.
  4. TiT - I'm still waiting for RRP.
    Something they are not sure about, as there will be a longer
    variant of the G 366 TRC for the Scrambler.
    The USD's value is playing merry hell with their pricing as they see this shock
    selling almost entirely overseas.
    I'll chase them up for you, as they would be perfect for others in the classic range. P'haps you can persuade them to do a special for the America!
    Any YSS dealer would have the rrp for the standard G 366 TRCs.
    But I'll get back to you on this.

    The best guide is their Australia page www.yss-suspension.com
    where you will find other bikes and the best shocks YSS have for them.
    In Thailand contact a local dealer having used this website as a guide.
  5. Rhodie
    As Wilbers has supposedly gone under & my spare AT shock has been sitting in Singapore for many months waiting for are build with parts that are no longer available from Wilbers the thought now occurs to me that perhaps YSS could rebuild my "perfect" less than 40,000 kms old Wilbers shock?
    What do you think - yes or no? Worth a try?
  6. YSS are no help to me at all in trying to either have them rework my fork or even buy the parts to do it myself.

    Export only
  7. 272843503_FVvHH-S.

    Met the YSS guys at the motor show in Bangkok & was highly impressed with them.


    The Thai owner of YSS is Pinyo Panichgasem
    He speaks fluent English & knows his stuff as an engineer.

    There are two farang partners in YSS.

    One of them is Harry Essen, who founded & owned Technoflex.
    Mr. Harry Essen, well known as the father of Low Speed / High Speed Gas Shocks and the former owner of Technoflex in Holland has joined YSS. Harry sold out 6 years ago & now concentrates only on off-road shocks.

    The other guy is Walter Preisig
    Walter Preisig (Y.S.S. AUSTRALIA) has been developing racing suspension in Australia for over 25 years, gaining a wealth of experience.
    Walter runs YSS in Australia, is also another shock absorber specialist.

    So all of the YSS guys are genuine experts, & in the case of the farang also riders

    YSS are going to build a rear shock for the Africa Twin, & I'm excited about having a sweet handling AT again.

    Now if any of you guys are in need of new shocks or shock service & rebuilds then don't hesitate to contact them. YSS are real suspension professionals, right here in Thailand!


    YSS Contact
    Pinyo Panichgasem
    Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] Attention Pinyo Panichgasem
    Walter at YSS in Oz

    The YSS website has excellent detailed info for
    Shock Installation
    Technical Support
    Suspension set up

    3 Cheers for YSS!
    :D :D :D
  8. My YSS shock order is in.
  9. I contacted them a while ago. They are not exactly taking my hand off.
  10. unless your shock is coming direct from Holland dont buy one , nothing else needs to be said :roll: :roll:
  11. For any other Africa Twin riders, YSS are making some AT shocks for myself & Robert Heikel at the moment.
    We are getting a full set up
    1. Rear mono shock
    2. PD Fork Valve
    3. Front fork Springs

    If anyone else is interested, now is the time to get them.
    Email direct to
    Songkran Kuensri
    Marketing Section
    สงกรานต์ ี เขื่อนศรี
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  12. Dave
    Try again
    Songkran Kuensri
    Marketing Section
    สงกรานต์ ี เขื่อนศรี
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    He is on the ball.
    There did seem to be some communication problems before with the email contact, but we think it is all sorted out now.
    Songkran is a good mate of Tum, from Yamaha Chiang Mai, & Tum is providing exceptional service up here.
  13. Thanks for that David.

    I have already ordered a pair via Red Baron but I will drop them a line anyway.
  14. Well finally got 'em fitted.

    But I wasn't the only one. Rhodie's so satisfied with the set up on his Triumph Scrambler that the BMW1200GS is also in!



    And not to be outdone, RobertH who knows when someone's onto a good thing, also had his Africa Twin done.

    What did we get:
    1. New YSS Rear shock absorber
    2. New front fork springs
    3. Front fork PD valve.

    I've had mine set up for the "tight twisty bumpy 2nd class roads" of the Golden Triangle, so after just riding down R1 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai it's a bit early to really tell if it the set up is perfect yet. But it sure as hell was a lot more comfy on the way back to Cnx I can tell you. The bike just ate up any ripples & bumps on the highway - a “plush ride” springs (excuse the pun) to mind right now; & with 200,000 kms now on the clock that's saying something!

    But for any of you guys with older or even newer bikes, who are thinking about new suspension. Check out YSS
    I think you’re getting a quality “farang” product for a Thai price.

    YSS Australia
    Walter Preisig runs the Aussie operation. Walter has been developing racing suspension for over 25 years, gaining a wealth of experience in suspension techniques, customer service and motorcycle maintenance.

    YSS Europe
    Run by Harrie Essens
    Ex founder / owner of Technoflex suspension.

    With Walter & Harrie on board with YSS you are assured of getting a quality product that performs & lasts as good as anything else on the market.


    Walter & Harrie are also in Bkk every couple of months to check & test new products / development. Check ‘em out you guys!
  15. How about a price indication for the work done??
  16. My YSS rear shocks are now fitted, too, and they are fantastic. I took the bike around Bira and set them up myself but I can't help but think that the guys at YSS would set them up better. I'd like them to do the front end, too. What do you have to do to get them to work on your bike? Does it hurt? :shock:
  17. Dave,
    No it doesn't hurt. If you're quick & ring now you might catch Walter & Harrie whilst they are still in Bkk at the factory.
    But I suspect they won't always be available, "we" were special with 3 bikes for full sets.

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