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  1. ....was just surfing the net and came across Kwaka's website, well now it's official the Z1000 is for Sale already for THB 585,000.-. Colour will be black only, but this bike looks good and mean......
    Info here: http://www.kawasaki.co.th/th/motorcycle_03_z1000.asp
    Cheers, Franz
  2. It's been on sale for several months now and is indeed a mean looking bike. Surprisingly small when you see it in person. And no ABS option in Thailand...

    Personally I'd prefer the faired version, aka the Ninja 1000 SX:


    Sex on wheels! :D
  3. I've been drooling over my neighbors matt black Triumph speed triple but that z1000 looks mean as hell!!! Wow :evil:
  4. I have Ridden the new Speed Triple and What a Great Bike! But 300.000 Baht more than the Z1000. I think they are in a different league and obviously Budget! I am sure the Kawasaki will be a Great Bike for anyone who gets one! The Looks are similar to the Streetfighter. I bet You could pull some Wheelies with that!
  5. When Kawa released the Z1000 it was the most powerful naked bike on the market, seems later versions are less powerful but it is still a hell of a bike, a little too powerful for LOS maybe :)
  6. There's been one in Chiang Mai Kawasaki for about a month now already.
    Very nice looking bike.
  7. Aye, it kind of annoys me that they don't offer ABS on the Z1000 but do on the 2 pot 650's...
  8. I picked one up about a month ago.
    It's a cracking bike to ride.
    Top gear is very short though.
    It packs quite a hefty punch.
    Ride is very very firm.
    But it's great,once the road clears up.
    Acceleration is very rapid!!!!!!
  9. For real Andrew?! You got a Z1000! Sweet! Congrats! Shame you didn't join us for our little day trip yesterday.
    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  10. It's my brother's.
    But I had fun with it for a couple of weeks.
  11. Phuket Kawa have told a buddy that the z1000 is hobbled in the same form as the zx10 is due to emissions ?? Major power down on the non thai versions.

    Anyone know anything more.
  12. I've been wondering about that too- I've asked the sales staff at Kawasaki HQ if the Z1000 sold in Thailand is restricted several times and they told me they just don't know... :wtf:
    Friendly bunch, but good lord- they don't even know the specs of the product they are selling?! :crazy:
  13. The cynic in me says you lose less says on the maybe than the for sure no..

    But the Phuket kawa is one who was adamant to me the ZX10 was not restricted so take it for what its worth.. Hence why I phrased it as a question.
  14. Certainly is nice in the flesh albeit only in Black and with no ABS.
    They told me at the show that they will be Imported from Japan,and as a result won't have the same power due to emissions regs here(soon to be euroshite 4),but they couldn't say what the power outputs are or would be and only saying yes it will be down a little.
    Anyway lose the exhausts 14.9kg add Akrapovic full [email protected] and gain 12bhp in the process,maybe put it over the original Jap/euro /rest of the world outputs of 126bhp,
    or wait untill the new ECU comes our way.
    BMW already do this restricting but only unti a certain service time and not due to emissions ,maybe the rest of the importers are doing this and not telling us?

    As a note on no paperwork available here in LOS have I seen any outputs mentioned,perhaps because they got caught out with the Z10 before .

  15. If it was just the ECU swap I dont think many would mind..

    But for the ZX10 I remember hearing it was a major overhaul.. New throttle bodies, new wiring loom, all kinds of stuff ending up multi 100k
  16. I have ridden it for a couple of weeks.
    Don't know if it is restricted or not.
    But it's very fackin quick!!!
    Crack the throttle and the bike leaps forward and accelerates real hard, never runs out of steam either.
    It so responsive I just left it in top gear and zipped around Bangkok. No need to drop a gear to overtake. Just crack the throttle and you're gone!
    It's the fastest accelerating naked bike I have ever ridden!!!! And it's very addictive to ride, adrenaline pumping all the time.

    It one of those bikes that it makes perfect sense to have ABS. As you spend plenty on the brakes hauling it ass in.
    Not a bike for the inexperienced.
  17. Not sure why this has been classed as a bike that isn't up to a Triumph. What price range are we talking? The z1000 reviews and ninja 1000 reviews around the world have been nothing but great. At the price they are charging in Thailand when I'm back I hope the Ninja1000 is there because it will be the first bike I buy.
  18. But alas the one Kawasaki, Thailand is selling doesn't have ABS.

    I tried to point out to the sales and marketing staff how odd it is that they offer ABS on their budget 650 twins, but don't offer ABS on their pricey imported Z1000.

    If they bring the Ninja 1000 SX with ABS I will be sorely tempted! :twisted:
  19. Don't hold back!
    It got a beaut of an engine!
    Also at tickover it so smooth you can barely feel any vibrations. The gear change is like silk.
    It's a very well put together motorcycle.

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