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  1. Just had the first 1000km service done so thought I'd share my first impresssions and also get some feedback from other owners out there.

    - Didn't like the colour scheme at first but it grows on you!
    - Comfortable riding position for me but lots of wind buffeting at higher speeds even with the Puig screen fitted [I'm not used to naked bikes].
    - Some buzzing through the grips which gets to you after a couple of hours so I'll probably change the thin, hard OEMs to something a bit thicker and softer.
    - Great torque and impressive roll on even at running in revs.
    - It's a bit early to comment on handling and tyres but so far so good. I'm running on standard pressures with OEM D210s and factory suspension settings but will start to have a fiddle soon. I'll probably change to dual compound tyres once these are goosed so any recommendation would be appreciated.
    - Brakes. Why doesn't Kawa offer ABS on this model? [Yes, I know, TIT] The front brake performs OK but the rear requires a LOT of pressure to have any effect. No signs of air in the lines so is this a design flaw - piston size etc? The rear brake pedal is not readily adjustable and, for my riding position, will need to be bent outwards quite a way.
    - Clutch and gears. Good with no false gears so far but I'm always looking for 7th so I'm about to order a GIPRO DS Gear Indicator.
    - Pillion. I wouldn't want to sit up there like a steeplechase jockey but I took the Boss out for a short ride yesterday and she was OK except for the lack of seat padding. Handling wise, it seemed OK but I was taking it easy as I don't want to load the motor too much yet.
    - Storage. Nil but my old tank bag from my Hayabusa fits and I'm thinking of getting a set of SW Motec Blaze throw overs.

    That's about all that springs to mind for now.

    Ride Safe.


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  2. I also have a z1000. As you said the brakes are not great. The fronts may be ok with a pad upgrade. congradulations!
  3. Yankee99, I'm now running with 26/37 psi with the D210s and it feels much better at the lower pressures. What presssures are you running at?
  4. I rode a brand new Z1000 last year. Very impressed with the bike.
    Good strong performance. Excellent brakes and the gearbox is truly superb.
  5. I honestly dont know the pressure :(. Went to rama 9 for 1000k service today . I havent been riding to much as i have been recovering from a injury.
    The power is amazing and i am having a hard time keeping the front down in 1st & 2nd.
    I have changed the tail to a motoplay, added leds and bar end mirrors. More to come.
  6. Saw one exactly the same as this recently, beautiful bike! I have a 2009 Z1000 and the latest one is even more easy on the eye and, from what I've read, even more powerful. I have a full Akrapovic system on mine which sounds awesome and increases hp by about 5-7hp too. The reviews I read/saw on youtube said this latest Z1000 that you have is even better than the 07-09 one I have which is quite a statement as very happy with mine. Look forward to more posts as you mod it and ride more frequently, perhaps a ride report too at some stage.

    Below is a ride report from a recent trip I did, if you've not been up north before then well worth it but wait until after the smokey season!


    ps..I'll be selling mine in 2mnths, anyone thinks they might be interested please PM me.
  7. Hi Stu, thanks for the response - your bike looks really good with the Akraprovics. I haven't got around to looking at upgrading the boxes yet but maybe in the wet months when rides are a bit more limited. So far, I have only stuck on some drop bumps and I have a GIPRO gear change indiactor and SW- Motec Blaze 'throw over' sadddle bags on order. Next wil be a rear brake pad change as it need a huge input to have any effect at the moment.

    Re Ride Reports, I have been around quite a few of the one day routes already but have not got around to doing a report yet. I went for a ride this morning and picked out what I thought was a reasonable one from the GT maps - WRONG! The route was up the 118 from CM to Pang Faen then turn right onto the 1252 along what looked like some nice twisties to Bo Hin. On a KLX it might have been fun but on a Z1000 no way. Deeply rutted and potholed with lots of gravel and sand so the pucker factor was hovering between the orange and red scale for much of the way.... the only saving grace was that there was very little traffic. From Bo Hin up the 1035 to Wang Nua it was fast and smooth for a good way then about what seemed like about 10 klicks of road works with hard pack gravel/bitumen and red earth mix which was being sprayed with water to keep the dust down - the bike now looks more like a X-Cross than a sports tourer! I passed a big group of sports/touring bikes heading the other way - a friendly lot with lots of head nods and waves. I also met a group of Harley guys at the PTT in Wang Nua - again all friendly., nice to see.

    From Wang Nua on to Mae Kachan then down the 118 for a quick coffee at my regular stop at Rim Tan Banmiang, it has a lovely little stream at the back and is a great place to relax. After that it was back home to CM and a pressure wash for the less sensitive bits of the bike!

    Looking to get up around CR and Fang for some overnighters once I get a dog sitter organised.


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