Zumo 550 vs 60CSX

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  1. On reading some trip reports I notice that the Zumo 550 is backed up by another GPS. Is there something missing in the Zumo, and so you need backup?
    What's the go? I still think the 60 csx is hard to beat.
  2. In my Zumo 550, i dont have any other back up's that my maps & Favorites and saved routes in my PC & Laptop, so i have no idea what ya been reading, im favoring Zumo, but that is as everything indivitual choice. :wink:
  3. Tx Marco, on re reading the post, perhaps the spare GPS belonged to David and was taken to mark waypoints or such! I think it might be for a new map.
  4. The Zumo is not very good for making tracks. It is also not configurable. You use it as it comes and that is it. It is primarily made for people that just want to follow what is on it and not have to think or do much configuration, no offense to anyone intended. It is not really meant for offroad, although I did use mine in Laos.

    The 60 and 76csx allow you to turn your tracking on and off, set the intervals and is better for mapping. The csx series has many configurable options. You can decide what info you want shown on what pages or not show. They are also more rugged and obviously can be used more readily as handhelds.

    I use the Zumo when I am just touring or in my car due to the larger screen, but if you want to do any mapping, it is not the one to use. If you want a "Picture Viewer", "MP3 Player" and "Bluetooth", get the Zumo. If you want a serious GPS get the 60 or 76 csx.


    It was possibly my Laos trip report where you saw the Zumo and 76csx on the bike. It was overkill and only because I was trying to get some last minute tracks for Davidfl's new Laos map. Sure enough the Zumo somehow lost one of the most important tracks. The tracks it does record are a total mess because you cannot turn the tracking on and off when you want to. Before someone jumps on me, you CAN turn the VIEW track option on or off, but not the recording of the track itself (someone correct me if I am wrong on this).

    In fairness, my 6 yr old 76cs had failed earlier but that was after a hard life. I replaced it with a new 76csx.

    Another experience for you Zumo owners; Although they are obviously supposed to be waterproof, I got lazy in Laos and did not remove the mounting cradle when I had the bike washed. The cradle stopped working and I had to run on battery power. I later ordered a replacement cradle, $65 USD. :cry: (Unlike other GPS’s the power and speaker cables plug into the cradle. The GPS then locks into contacts in the cradle.)

    Some info going on this thread also https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t5789.html

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  5. Talk about overkill. I normally have 3 GPS's running in my truck. The 60CX to collect tracks and waypoints for mapping and a cheap Nuvi to see where I am as my eyes are not the same when I was a bit younger.


    In addition I have a Mio to show my position on the actual map. Have all the 1:50000 paper maps for Thailand as well as all the 1:100000 maps for Laos maps in electronic format (scanned and calibrated). Handy to have when village, river names, etc. are missing and I need to have these to make GPS maps.

    By the way, the 60CSX and the 76CSX have the same capabilities and use the same firm ware. The differences are the shape, the position of the buttons and the antenna and the 76 floats while the 60 sinks

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  6. That's why I use a 76CSx for night time mapping.
  7. Great responses by Silverhawk and Auke. Auke looks like a bloody Rally navigator with all his gear, the small villages must think you're an alien life form with all the hardware on your dashboard as you're coming through.

    Hmmmm could of used the 76CSX's floating capabilities as I proved that the 60 CSX's do sink when the bike gets washed away by rivers when crossing them.
  8. :D And what about cameras???
  9. Please don't get defensive on me, I like you guys, real pro's 8)

  10. :?: :? You lost me on that one?

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