ZZR1100 FOR SALE 99.99%

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  1. I have a ZZR1100 with book, Insurance and tax paid. I know no bike is 100% so I put mine as 99.99% cause I don't know what the other 1% is.
    Bike is fast and reliable. NEVER had any problems. Just did a service and will ride to Chiang Mai on this bike Dec 5 unless I sell it first. Either way I have another bike to ride. Getting back into the 4x4 off road scene so thus need the cash to upgrade my jeep.

    I will not take less than 150,000 baht so don't waste your time or mine by asking! I know I could never find another bike with this much power and as dependable with a REAL book for 150,000 and that's a fact!

    My number is 084 660 6460 and the best way to contact me is via [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].

    Year I believe 1993-94. Maybe seems expensive but whatever you have can not touch this bike when it comes to speed. If Hyabushi maybe but I have set some of them guys back a few times.

    Really, it's a nice bike for touring and you WILL NOT have any problems out of this bike.


    Tell me how to post photos and I will. :D
  2. Thanks for the ones who called on the bike, however bike is now sold. New owner will pick up Monday.

    Again Thanks GT-Rider

    Dan :D

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