Sea Kayaking Tours – Akaroa, New Zealand

Departing from Akaroa village on the grass outside Ratatouille Restaurant, or The Peninsula General Store, you will be met at your trip time of 7:30am by your experienced friendly local sea kayaking guide who will share Akaroa Harbour’s secrets with you. We will travel to our launching area by foot or shuttle depending on where we are going each day. For around 20 minutes you will enjoy a relaxed and informative introduction briefing to Sea Kayaking, preparing you for your safe and fun adventure onto Akaroa’s stunning extinct volcanic basin waters. During this briefing you will have time to take in the views and change into your kayaking gear while you learn new skills and prepare for your kayaking experience.

During this time you will learn about sea kayaking safely and how to move through the water easily. You won’t be asked to immerse yourself underwater, unless of course you want to, so relax and enjoy. After your informative safety briefing we will prepare your kayak for launch and assist you onto the water.

Comfort and safety is always a priority during this guided adventure. Under the watchful eye of your guide you will paddle out and begin the safari.The

The recommended sea kayaking tours in Akaroa New Zealand is the Sunrise Wildlife Adventure Safari.

Soak up the serenity of the most magical time of the day! Enjoy being out on the water away from crowds and the noise of the tour boat engines. There are special areas that we can only visit during the mornings while conditions are favorable and we often have the harbour to ourselves, so if you have the opportunity to join us on this safari you are in for a treat. The weather conditions tend to be calmer and wildlife more active at this time. Some of our most memorable safaris have been at this time, so rise and shine- You will not regret it! Our sunrise trip covers more distance and needs a little more effort and paddling than our 11:30am Scenic Cruiser so please keep this in mind when choosing your tour.

You paddle along the coastline with the possible opportunity of wildlife crossing paths with us as we continue along our route, while your guide points out places of interest and any activity that they discover. Take in the views of towering sea cliffs, learn about the volcanic rock formations, witness live blow holes, explore caves and remote untouched areas only accessible by boat.

You will engage with nature and the tranquillity of sea kayaking in Akaroa Harbour, allowing an “up close and personal” natural eco experience that is 100% Pure NZ. Included in the trip is the option to purchase “on water” photographs which your guide will take for you. We offer this service as we do not want you to worry about juggling a camera whilst paddling, and our guests love to have the memories to take with them to share with with family and friends around the world afterwards.

During your safari your guide will provide you with New Zealand’s most famous cookie, straight from the cookie time factory in Christchurch, while sharing stories about the area and our unique Kiwi French village by the sea. After our stop we will head off in search of adventure while your guide watches out for interesting activity. You will experience the massive scale of landscape and soak in the serenity while kayaking among nature, in our extinct, sea flooded volcano crater.

You will be hosted by a local Akaroa guide who will know all the “hotspots” and most importantly all the local weather warning signs. During the trip they will be explaining and answering any questions that you may have. Your kayaking adventure comes to an end when you land back onto the launching area you left a few hours before. You will feel relaxed and fulfilled about what you have seen and experienced. The excursion returns to Akaroa, and upon arrival you will have the opportunity to experience some of Akaroa’s historic and beautiful sights in your own time before the day is over.

Why Go with a guide? You would be crazy not to! With over 17 square miles of stunning harbor waters we take your safety and comfort seriously. The weather conditions in New Zealand are extreme and changeable. Renting a kayaking and going out with out a guide is NOT recommended. There have been too many tourist kayaking fatalities in New Zealand. Your local friendly guide knows what weather signs to look for, is trained in rescue techniques and knows the best locations to spot marine activity and will ensure you get the most out of your experience in a relaxed, safe and enjoyable way.