Skydiving in Houston – Tandem Jumps, Beach Landings

Skydiving in Houston is USA’s Only Full-time Permanent Beach Landing Tandem Skydive

We are the only place in the USA where you land on the beach every jump. We work exceptionally hard to ensure you enjoy the most safe and epic skydive experience that Houston / Galveston has to offer. Beach landing tandem skydiving really is the most spectacular, best and only way to truly enjoy the thrill of 120mph free-fall. Soak up the amazing Gulf of Texas and Galveston Island views – the Island is truly amazing from 14000ft. We use the latest state-of-the-art parachuting equipment, and meticulously maintained aircraft. We insist our Tandem Jump Instructors have qualifications above and beyond the USPA requirements (Instructors average a 1000 jumps per year and have been jumping since 1993) and we have a jump pilot with more than 5000 hrs flight time.

Where’s the best place for skydiving in Houston Texas area? Tandem parachute jumping over the ocean and landing on the beach takes your skydive experience to a whole new level of amazing that you cannot get jumping anywhere else! We are the only operation offering Skydiving in Houston & Galveston, other’s may advertise here but they don’t jump here! Why land in a field when you can land on the beach?

We are Veteran owned and operated. Allow our professional Veterans to land you on the Beach!

Check our reassuringly priced Houston skydiving prices for current skydiving packages and specials!

The ONLY place to purchase a Tandem Skydive to jump in Galveston is through this website or over the phone with us. In an effort to deliver the best possible customer service, experience and safety to our guests, Skydive Galveston does not work through any 3rd party, high-volume online sales websites.