Business SEO Services

Business SEO Packages

Business SEO services for medium-sized businesses are applicable to company websites with multiple products, services, activities and employees. As examples; optimisation of a nationwide automobile & minivan rental, tourism business, hotel chain etc. The SEO Guy has specialised in corporate & business SEO services for 2 decades.

Corporate SEO Packages

Bigger business search engine optimization is applies to large and complex websites with services and/or business activities showcased on their websites. Examples include global tour companies, law firms, and businesses with multiple staff etc.

Ccorporate website optimisation packages involve far more consultancy time and effort compared to that needed for small business SEO services. That’s particularly so in the areas of keyword research and provision of SEO consultancy services.

Corporate entities are usually multi-faceted, with multiple products and services and locations. This means more pages we are optimising, all requiring customisation to ensure unique elements, and implementing a lot more keyword phrases. This package is designed for enterprises with 100’s of pages…

Corporate website optimization also means dealing with more complicated web design technologies. There are also business language terminology & acronyms to be optimised. This in turn requires a lot more time, analysis and care to address. In essence, it becomes primarily a consultancy role where we are dealing with layers of technical staff and multiple issues.

The Business Website Optimisation Process

The optimization process commences with a thorough 20+ page website audit analysis. This assesses if the keyword phrases currently used on the site are accurately aligned with businesses product & service portfolio. Matching the word searches into the optimising process is crucial. It means that a searcher’s online enquiries are more likely to connect your business to new customers.

We also run a benchmark keyword ranking report (SERP) to establish current rankings for the most relevant key word phrases. This benchmark allows us to measure ongoing progress on a monthly basis.

Generating the relationship between current search queries and website content pages is a significant challenge… Whenever your potential customers search for a product or service you have, our objective is to match them with the page that best meets the search phrase used.

From the SEO Audit review analysis, we are able to list the technical issues that require prompt action. We then assess the cost of achieving the desired outcome. The more challenges faced, the more pages to be “tuned” and the higher the overall costs will be.

On:Site SEO: Manually Optimizing

Audit Indexing Issues:

  • HTTP status checks:310, 302, 404 and 503 audit: fix errors
  • 404 Error page and error handling
  • robots.txt useage
  • Architectural analysis, page hierarchy review
  • Menu and internal navigation elements
  • Site maps – XML & HTML
  • Page load speeds – optimisation recommendations
  • Internal linking structure & keywords in anchor texts
  • Page internal link counts
  • Broken links – internal and external
  • HTML elements – code errors and standards compliance
  • Search-engine friendly URLs

Content Quality Assessment:

  • Web page content assessment: quality, freshness and quantity, spelling & grammar, authority and originality…
  • Internal linking efforts – over-optimisation of anchor texts, hyperlink titles
  • META data – Page Titles, Descriptions, Image Alt texts
  • Check word count on all pages
  • Check branding, call to action and unique selling proposition
  • Keyword research – identify and establish appropriateness of targeted keyword phrases
  • File naming conventions, including images…

Review “User Experience”

  • Page load speeds
  • Website design theme complexity and layout effectiveness
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Ease of navigation
  • Site design and layout
  • Content quality, freshness and quantity
  • Assess Social Media utilisation / participation


Enterprise Trust & Credibility Factors:

  • Business Address details – postal & physical
  • Business Contact details – emails, phones, contact forms, location maps
  • Privacy, terms and conditions, customer service

Incoming Link Audit

Evaluate Link Profile:

  • Review quantity/quality of incoming links – sources, content, reciprocal
  • Assess deviation from “normal” link profile and potential for Penguin penalty
  • Assess potential for incoming Link over-optimization penalties
  • Recommend and provide a link profile monitoring and enhancement strategy

SEO Audit Actions

For custom web sites with proprietary CMS software, we provide guidance and suggestions on how to deal with the “red ink” issues raised in the review.. This is to assist your developer / designer to make any necessary modifications to achieve desired SEO outcomes.

For mainstream CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc, we may offer to implement coding modifications and applications for you, if in-house technical staff would prefer us to do that.

We optimise a range of on and off-page content amendments for you, including but not limited to;

  • Home and internal page meta-tags including Title & Descriptions
  • Text Anchors / Bookmarks, Image Alt tags, Headings, First and Last Paragraphs
  • Navigation amendments as/if required
  • Remedy all possible shortcomings (some system limitations may preclude resolving 100% of issues identified)
  • Link to us page content

We do this for all website internal pages, ensuring that all those pages are optimised to support the “theme” established in the Home page. Some elements are dependent on the format and structure of the site. E.g. some CMS systems don’t allow editing of all elements.

At monthly intervals after commencing website optimisation project work we run SE ranking reports. These use the previously established key words to assess the search ranking gains from the SEO processes.