Hire a Private Jet

Private jet travel is something we often associate exclusively with the astronomically wealthy. And while it’s no one’s idea of a budget- or environmentally-friendly means of travel, flying private can be a (relatively) more attainable mode of transportation than you might think, especially if you have a solid crew looking to celebrate a major life event, or are desperate to get somewhere warm for a long weekend.

Has anyone ever suggested you try private jet hire services? How hard could it be? Can anyone do it? The following sections cover pretty much everything you should know about hiring a jet for your next commercial or recreational trip.

Who Can Hire a Private Jet?

Basically, anyone with the financial resources charter private jet services. So if your bank balance allows it, you can book a jet for a business trip or a family holiday, to celebrate an anniversary or create a romantic setting for a proposal.

Urgent Need to Travel! How Fast Can We Depart?

Most aircraft charter services are well organised to handle last minute trips. Some charter companies offer flights with as little as two hours of prior warning.

Theoretically, if learn at 3:00 p.m. that your largest corporate customer wants to meet with you the next morning, you could have a private jet ready to go within hours. You can reach your destination, check into your accommodations, and be fresh and sharpwhen you meet with your client.

Can I Change the Schedule After Confirmation?

Most charter services are accustomed changes to a schedule after a reservation is made. This includes making a landings en route to pick up additional passengers.

In the case of a business trip, a change in plans could be something like deciding to not land at a major airport, but to land at a smaller airstrip because your client has decided to meet at home rather than drive into the city for the meeting. While you did not know about the change in venue until the last minute, the charter service can easily alter the flight plan so there is permission to land at the smaller airstrip.

What Identification Do I Need?

You’ll need the same documents as for any domestic or international commercial flight. That means identification that includes a photograph, and a valid passport for international locations. If there are other documents required at the destination, such as visas, those should be in your possession before departure.

Cancellation Fees

The typical charter service makes it easy for the client to book a private jet. Most specify a timeframe within which you can cancel without a penalty fee. Once that period expires, you will have to pay  the cancellation fee.

For example, you book a jet four days before the trip. The service has a cancellation window that would allow you to call a minimum of 24 hours in advance to cancel the trip. If you call the morning of that trip and cancel, you will owe the company a cancellation fee.

Can I Buy One Seat?

When you charter a jet, you are chartering the entire aircraft. Every seat on the private jet is yours to use as you please. When you are traveling with several people, the price is the same regardless of whether its one passenger or 10.

Charter services usually have jets with a range of seating capacity. For one or two passengers, smaller jets are far less expensive to rent. When you contact the aircraft charter company and provide details on how many passengers are traveling, they will recommend jets based on seat capacity and the distance between your point of origin and final destination.

Costs to Hire a Private Jet?

A number of factors go into determining the cost of chartering a private jet. One has to do with the total seating capacity and the speed of the jet. Another key factor is the distance between your point of origin and your destination. Many charter services also take into account if you are planning a round trip with only a few hours between arriving at the destination and making the return trip.

The best approach to determining the cost is to contact a service, outline what type of trip you are planning, and ask for a quote. When you factor in the time savings, the convenience, and other benefits offered by taking charter flights, the price is likely to be well worth it.

How Do I Pay?

Many charter services require all or at least most of the fare in advance. Most prefer a wire transfer, since that mode of payment can be confirmed quickly. You will find some that will accept credit card payments. If you are going on a business trip and your employer has an account with the charter service, it may be possible to have the cost of the flight invoiced. Always check with the charter service about payment arrangements before booking a jet.

How Far Can You Fly on a Private Jet?

It’s possible to travel thousands of kilometres on a chartered jet. Depending on the distance and the type of jet you select, it may be necessary to make a fuel stop along the way. At the time you book the reservation and select the jet type, the staff will let you know if there will be a need to stop or if the jet’s fuel capacity will allow you to travel all the way to your destination without any stops.