Readyleaf Artificial Plants & Foliage

ReadyLeaf faux foliage – artificial plants, green walls and artificial hedges are made to the standards set by today’s discerning market. The raw material is recycled, low density polyethelene impregnated with Ciba-Geigy HAL UV stabilising agents.

The green wall tiles are made of plastic leaf sprigs attached to a plastic mesh.There are two components: leaf sprigs and mesh tiles. The sprigs push on to nodules at the grid junctions of the plastic mesh.

  • The smallest unit is 25cm x 25cm.
  • Push on male/female connectors join the tiles to give seamless greenery.
  • The tiles come with leaf attached and ship as 50cm x 50cm modules.
  • Readyleaf tiles are recycle grade 4

Artificial trees, plants, hedges and tile foliage:

Performance is measured by:

  • Realistic form and colour
  • Durability
  • Quality and make of UV stabilising agents used
  • Accelerated weather test rating
  • Robustness of components
  • Cleanliness of plastic eg. lead, cadmium.

Premium quality artificial plants and service!

• Instant and hassle free
• Easy to install foliage tiles that clip together for seamless greenery
• Cover almost any surface with plants and green tiles
• Made with  recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE) artificial foliage and greenery has been tested for over 4 years in New Zealand’s high UV sun and is more durable than many look alikes!

  • Artificial green wall tiles for instant greenery
  • Vertical gardens and artificial plants
  • Artificial leaf and willow trellis for privacy and shelter
  • Custom made box-leaf hedges