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  1. Gudday, I will be in Chiang Mai for 1 night next Thursday the 17th. Not really any time for a ride unfortunately, but I will drop into the Kafe. I believe some of you eat there after 8pm. I have also heard that some hang out at the #1 Bar, where is that. Hoping to put some faces to names if anyone is around.
  2. Deano,

    "The Dogs Night Out" group meet every thursday after 8pm at Number 1 Bar, Soi 1, Loi Kroh Rd.

    We're easy to spot as there will be a very friendly fawn brindle pitbull with us who will try and lick you to death!


  3. Deano
    I will be coming back from Doi Mae Salong on Thursday & will swing by the Kafe 8Pm to meet up if you like. Just ask the staff if David is around or come in. The waitress Fon has my phone number to ring if I'm not there at the time.
  4. Thanks for that, look forward to meeting you.

    In London now, is there anything you would like fetched grocery wise, a favourite tea or similar? Can't really do the bike shops, but food wise would be doable.
  5. David, just bringing this to the top
  6. Just been told that my flight from London tonight to Bangkok is delayed by 10 hours, so not going to make the night train to Chiang Mai tomorrow night.

    I am planning now to come up on Wednesday the 14th of October, again just for the 1 night, hope to see you then.
  7. No worries, check in again a few days before your ETA & I'll let you know where I will be.
  8. Still on plan to be in Chiang Mai on Wednesday the 14th, (the variables governing international aviation permitting) and will drop by the Kafe around 8pm. Again, any small supermarket treats I can fetch from London?
  9. You won't believe this but (kidney stone depending) Wed 14th I'm off to Laos via Loei. Locked in too because of my Friendship bridge permit. I should be back in about a week = 20-21st October, October 22nd is Franz' GT Rider open house party.

    If you're bringing anything from the UK just some pommy bike mags would be nice. Please leave them at the Kafe.
  10. Sorry that I will miss you, the bike mags are easy. Enjoy Laos and I hope the Kidney stones have all slid painlessly as possible through your system.

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