1 used, but good 12V/14AH battery and 1 brand new

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  1. Had some electrical problems with the big bike. It was directly related to a battery that is too small for my bike.

    I need a 12V/18AH, which I am hunting for as I type. Offering the two batteries that I cannot use. Best offer.

    I'm located in Udon Thani.
  2. How old
    What brand
    AGM, GEL, flooded, or sealed
  3. :D
    The older battery, I have no idea on the age, but it is an RR brand. It still holds a charge well. However, upon closer examination, it is 20V/12AH. The imprint on the battery was worn away. No wonder I was having starting issues on the big bike with a battery that small.

    The new battery is an SBC brand and is spanking NEW right out of the box. Just put the battery fluid in it a day ago, and it has a date sticker on it placed by the seller. I paid 1400 baht for it.

    Make me an offer.
  4. I'm going to keep the used 12V/12AH and use it as a spare for my Drag Star 400.

    The brand new 12V/14AH is still available.

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