10,000 Baht Reward For 650cc Honda Bros Stolen In Chiang Mai

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  1. :( New To This Site - ( How do you post Pics ? ) Wish I'd discovered it earlier than this. Used to be a Ducati Rider many years ago. Settled for the 650cc Bros some 8 years ago here in Thailand - wasn't much to choose from here then. Certainly changing now. Anyway my 'old mate' got nicked ( stolen ) last Friday night, seems at about 10pm. I understand that the 650cc versions are really rare here in Thailand so it surely will stand out ! Really like to get it back and catch the weasels that ripped it off. Anybody got any advice for spreading the pictures of it all around Thailand ? > > Number Plate is KORAT 671, Frame Number ( easy to inspect on the forks yoke ) is RC31-1002520, Engine Number is RC31E-1002519, Black Tank ( lots of chips in the paint ), Light Grey Seat Cover, Left Front Mirror was broken only half the glass, Has really distinctive squat exhaust with a distinctive blue patch on it, Tailight and the fibreglass panel were both really loose ( broken brackets ), Old and grubby generally ( which had been a strategy to turn thieves off stealing it - worked for about eight years ) never been dropped not a scratch on it. My Mobile: 0891356445 email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] ( Kevin - Ozzie )
    Anybody out there has or ever seen another 650cc Bros in Thailand ?[/img]
  2. Seems to be a lot of big bikes being stolen in Chiangmai recently ..is thiis the start of a new trend?
  3. Pics of the bike for Arjan Kevin.


  4. Sorry to hear, good luck on getting your bike back.
  5. A lot of decent blokes around when the shit hits the fan.
    Want to post thanx to Mark at Pirates Cove for postin these Pics of my bike too. Any guys out there have a clue as to where it or it's part may have headed ? Some young Thai's told me Mae Sai is a popular destination ?
    Kev - the Pedestrian ! :cry:
  6. Hi

    Sorry about Your bike. For your information the Bros 650 are highly valued with people having Honda Steeds. The engine can be fitted in the Steed with some modifications and you get considerable more power and better cooling. You can see plenty of these modified Steeds at Bike Meetings here in Thailand.

  7. Thanx Hiko !

    This afternoon I unbelievably found my Bike prominently displayed in a local shop barely a kilometer from where it was nicked. The Police prompty turned up and I got the short lived pleasure of riding it to the Police Station lock up.
    I'm told that I can have it back in a couple of days.
    It's been nicely cleaned up, serviced and polished with all broken parts replaced.
    Very nice of them to have done this for me I might add !
    The fact that nothing had been changed except the recovering the perfectly good vinyl on the seat - boggles the mind !
    My frame and engine number were nice and clean and perfectly visible (unmolested). They had however swapped my 2,000 B almost new Japanese drive chain with a 600 B Chinese piece of crap and unfortunately caned the guts out of the engine.
    Also having dropped it for the first time in it's life - so she has a couple of memorabilia scars.
    Needless to say I am a very happy pedestrian now and count myself very lucky indeed to have found her at all, particularly in one piece so close to home. Mind Boggles !
    If I hadn't put some effort into handing out reward posters - I'd have not been visiting the bike shops and would never have stumbbled upon the old girl.
    If one reads between the lines here - one might develop a variety of unusual insights in regard to the weirdness of the whole saga.

    Those who made intelligence a career ( nicking Bikes ) - would do well to wear heavy weight earmuffs and carry a blow torch next time they try nicking my Bike.

    Might start investigating some of these bike meets now !

    Kev - The Temporary Pedestrian :D
  8. Wow! That's amazing Kev. Congratulations on the rapid recovery.
    Now the next step would be to reveal which shop the bike was recovered from - any photos / name / address, please.
  9. Yes Kev, please let us know what the shop's name was that sells nicked bikes !! And they shall refrain from telling BS such as: didn't know and other Bla-Bla because selling a plated bike with the taxsticker on it but without the green book shows clearly that they are crooks !! Hopefully the police locks them up and closes shop immediately !! Glad for you that you got it recovered and even cleaned up. Cheers, Franz
  10. Congratulations on getting your ride back! Unbelievable story... :eek:
    I wouldn't bet that the cops will shut the joint down - you know how things work in this country. Come on, Kev, name names. The biker community needs to know!
  11. I agree, name and shame!
    Although its a two-edged sword in the case of false slander in this case i think its more than warrented.
  12. The saga of my nicked bike has a great deal of shall we say ' weird elements ' attatched to it.
    I simply can't post too much on a forum like this. ( At least not just yet ).
    Investigations are ongoing and I'm curious to see what comes out of that.
    There will no doubt be a lot more than just which particular shop had the bike involved. ( I understand the need to know - bare with me a bit )
    After quite a bit of thought, I think the best thing to do at the moment is invite any of you guys that are concerned - to just give me call.
    My number is posted.
    It's good to be back on the road ! I appreciate the old girl even more than before and I always did.
    Do Chiang Mai riders have a favorite watering hole ?
    Might celebrate with a beer at weeks end. . . . . . . .
    Mark's help will always be remembered !
    I'll have to pay him another visit soon.
    Keep all your bikes decently locked up guys !
  13. Weirdess sensation riding around on your own bike knowing that there are many dozens of Reward Notices still out there floating around. At any moment you expect to be approached and branded as a bandit youself. Right now, I got no Plate nor stickers on the old girl. The Police have both the Doggie Plate they used and a more than half way decent Rego Sticker the bandits had come up with. Carrying the Police reports just in case !

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