10 Day 1,600 Kms Ride Thru The Chin State In Western Burma

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    Burma is truly the last frontier for avid bike riders, I am not referring to those that take 500 ,800,1,200 cc bikes, but those willing to get down and dirty on dirt/mud roads through some amazing scenery, Very friendly people, at times u feel a s if u have stepped thru a portal and ur back in the early 1900.
    Parts of the chin area only got electricity 2 years ago!! and many villages relied on solar power or candles at night.
    Highlight of the trip was spending a day riding on single tracks up and down valleys to visit remote villages where the last of the remaining Tattooed chin ladies reside. AS face tattooing was outlawed in the late 60's, these women are the last you will see.



    Bikes easily rented thru Zach at Mandalay Motorbike Rental and Tours Although I rented a small 125 Chinese honda dream copy, I do NOT recommend it, Rent his 125 dirt bike as my companion did and truly enjoy the trip, even forget the 250,to much power , the 125 is perfect

    One view of the route down to the river ad back up (this was repeated many many times) down%20tothe%20riverthan%20up%20again%20WM_zps2blj04pp.

    Burma the last frontier for SE Asia
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  2. Looks amazing stuff alright.
    You're welcome to hit us with some more photos if you want to.

    How much did the bike cost you?
    Do you reckon your overall costs are similar to Thailand or significantly higher / lower?
  3. Am gong thru 12 gigs of photos,will post more later
    Rented the bike from Zach
    For what you get accommodations are overpriced but..... average double room in gh with shared toiled in all of Burma 17,000-30,000 Kyat, hotel with air con/tv/toilet in room $25-30, Least i paid was 5,000 kyat ( 1,280 kyat/$) most was $75
    food cheaper, gas cheaper, travel expenses cheaper
    except for the 4 tourist spots ( Yangon,Mandalay,Bagan, Inle lake) you will find NO western conveniences.
    reminds me of traveling in se asia in the late 70's
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  4. what some of the roads looked like.we had 3 landslides during the trip


  5. 12 Gig of photos. Wow. That's quite a collection. Well done.
    Interesting on the costs of food, gas, travel being cheaper - I'd misunderstood that it was all more expensive.
    Whatever you've had a great adventure & an awesome experience.
    I look forward to a few piccies
  6. I followed your adv at FB Richard, awesome. Please add more photos, Burma is my favorite riding country in this part of the world.
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  7. as i follow ur adventures :)
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  8. Great photos.
    There's probably a nice story behind every one. That must have been a wonderful experience alright.
    Well done.

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