10 day, dirt road loop suggestions?

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  1. Me and two friends will be visiting Chaing Mai appx. May 6th-17th (Ya, I know: HOT). We are all pretty good riders. Me and one of the other guys have visited Thailand before, but I have not done it by MC and have not been North of CMX . We plan to rent xr250's or baja's. I would appreciate any advise on a long loop (10 days or so) of at least mostly dirt roads. With not too much difficulty. I think too much bushwacking in the jungle might kill us. One of the other guys has done the GT area before on a MC. Ideally the loop would be predominately the NNW area, but the new guys might not want to miss some of the GT area. So, any suggestions? Any gear/bike rental advice would also be greatly appreciated. Stuart
  2. Hi Stuart,
    You can Probably get some info from "The Cafe" but myself and no doubt a few others will be avalible for Rides. I will be Testing and Running in my New Bikes "Pantera XRA250" they are a Copy of the "Honda XRF 230F"You can get me any Day out at the "X-Centre" in Mae Rim. You Might want to pick up a GT-Rider Map of the "Samoeng Loop" and the "Mae Hong Son Loop" These will give you pretty handy Info on the area and Ideas for some good Rides.
    Cheers Ian.
  3. Thanks for your offer to help. I was hoping to get some ideas before I left home so I could program some routes in my GPS. Any suggestions out there? I have requested info. about buying maps from David, but still have not gotten a reply. Does anyone know if he is out of town? Stuart
  4. David is here and everyone will be meeting for the Moto GP on Sunday. There are a few Guys with GPS and willing to go Riding so just talk when you are here. Justin and Luke are always ready to Go. I don't have a GPS myself but seems you are best to go with someone who Knows where they are going and Just Map it yourself saves asking others who maybe reluctant to share information for whatever reason and always fun to ride with others instead of Alone.
    Cheers Ian.
  5. Stuart
    Sorry but don’t see any email from a Stuart, so

    1. http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=555

    2. For Bike rental

    3. For dirt loops

    4. For the Mae Hong Son loop map. You can get it in 100 places in the North
    buy it when you get here & save money, because the postage & bank transfer fees are both more than the cost of the map.

    Start with the Mae Hong Son loop for dirt trails if that is what you are looking for, then when you’ve had enough dirt head off to the Golden Triangle. Just follow the guidebook A Motorcycle Guide To The Golden Triangle; & you cant get lost or go wrong. (Buy this book from Gecko Books in Cnx, or try Amazon.com in the US.) Wherever you are in North Thailand, Chiang Mai is only a day’s ride away, so once you’ve either run out of time or done enough, just had back to Chiang Mai then home.
    And last but not least, if you’ve had a good time then before you go home, buy a GT Rider shirt from Mr Mechanic to impress your mates & let the BS flow about your great exploits in the GT.
  6. Thanks Ian and David. Sorry if I seemed impatient, I guess I'm a little excited to get this trip started. I have read most of the website already ( Thanks for sharing David ). I'm sure we will find more than enough riding while there. Ian about your bike; I think they call the Honda version: crf230f here. I have one and keep it as a second bike for my friends without bikes. Sorry to say, but sometimes I have to buy my riding partners. I'm kidding of course. It's a great and a very managable bike offroad.
    See you soon.,Stuart
  7. Stuart,

    I'm getting into the off road riding over here a bit. Most of the tracks I have done are relatively easy from a riding perspective (read the reports). no difficult, technically demanding sections. More all day fire road riding. There are tons of singletrack, technical jungle riding but i've got no GPS tracks of those.

    Phone Nob of Pai Enduro and he could set you up on some techincal rides as he lays out the Pai enduro courses and loves technical riding.

    Good luck.

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