10 Days Northern Thailand Motorbike Documentary

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    Hey guys, first of all I would like to thank all the users of this website for all those valuable info. Much love.
    Me and my friend went off to CM to start a 10day motorbike ride along Northern Thailand. We decide to film the trip, and managed to film 150 HRS worth of video, and edited it into one final production. Here is the link for the video! I sincerely hope that this video might be of help to any current or future riders of this course. Some information might be incorrect or slightly exaggerated, please understand ;)
    Thanks! If you like the video, please press like and comment on YouTube. (HD available)

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  3. johngooding

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    Many thanks for posting this excellent entertaining video of your experiences in North Thailand. Some people plan much more distance than you did and see a lot more roads, but I am sure you did better by taking your time and seeing so much more on the way. Glad you were not put off by problems on your first day. Hope to see you back here in Thailand again another time.
  4. TonyBKK

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    4:25 :wtf:

    But it obviously didn't slow you down! Nicely done! :clap: Thanks for sharing!! :thumbup:
  5. Mooter

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    Ouch. Must wear gloves!
  6. DavidFL

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    Great vdo. Looks like you got the last of the good light & blue skies before the smoke & haze set in.
    Sweet editing & production, Thank you very much. There's a lot of time & effort went into that.
  7. ianyonok

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    Great movie guys. Lots of work editing that I'm sure, but a wonderful souvenir of your holiday.
  8. bikerdoc

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    Fantastic editing and a brilliant sounds track too. At least I liked it all. Pity about the 'off' in day one. Suprised that the rider was not wearing gloves, and did not wear any after the fact either... :crazy:

    I rode Northern Thailand (based out of CR) for 7 weeks (Jan-Feb 2014) riding a CB500X covering 15000km+ so this video took me back. A mate stayed for 4-5 months (Nov 2013-Mar 2014) also rode a CB500X most of the time. We rode much of the same places as documented in the video and then some, including lots of off-road. CB500X's did remarkably well. My mate has now ridden from China (Hainan) to CR via Laos, on a Yamaha YBR. I plan to ride from mainland China, just South of Shanghai all the way down to Laos into Thailand in December for another two months.

    Thanks guys for sharing...
  9. psandee

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    What was the Fuel Efficiency that you got for CB500F ?

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