1148, In The Golden Hour.

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    1148 is always a spectacular ride. Most of the time we come through in the middle of the day missing out on the spectacular sights of a rising or setting sun. A photographers working hours. Not that I am one.
    Yesterday I had a long stop in Chun waiting for the Golden Hour to approach and time my arrival in Tha Wang Pha to pitch dark.
    My skills as a one handed photographer while riding is improving, but no were near a DSLR and a tripod in quality.
    Enjoy the pictures.
    1148 Golden Hour.
    1148 runs from Chiang Kham in Payao province to Tha Wang Pha in Nan province. Just about 100km of one of the best motor cycling roads in Thailand.

    1148 Golden Hour 1.

    1148 Golden Hour 2.

    1148 Golden Hour 3.

    1148 Golden Hour 4.

    1148 Golden Hour 5.

    1148 Golden Hour 6.

    1148 Golden Hour 7.
    Finally a proper coffee machine. 1148 has until now been the longest stretch of road in Thailand without a proper coffee shop that I know about.
    1148 Golden Hour 8.
    Walking home from work. I wonder if she enjoy the view as much as I do?
    1148 Golden Hour 9.

    1148 Golden Hour 10.

    1148 Golden Hour 11.

    1148 Golden Hour 12.

    1148 Golden Hour 13.

    1148 Golden Hour 14.

    1148 Golden Hour 15.

    1148 Golden Hour 16.

    1148 Golden Hour 17.

    1148 Golden Hour 18.

    1148 Golden Hour 19.
    The toy of the day, my old Valkyrie.
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  3. scotty007

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    Nice one!
  4. Andrew

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    Cool pictures
  5. DavidFL

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    1148 is always a fun ride, but I prefer the 1091 over the 1148.
    What do you reckon - 1091 is+ faster, more flowing, swooping; an easier ride on a bigger bike.

    I guess the loop to do would be out on 1148 & back & 1091, or vice versa.

    But which way is+ 1140 a best ridden?
    West to east for me.
  6. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    West out of Nan on 1091 and west to east on 1148 is my favourite loop no matter what bike I use.

    1091 - 1148 shortcut.
    This little shortcut saves you some time. A small 2m wide concrete road.

    Chiang Kham bypass to 1148.
    This 'bypass' road has been upgraded and widened with new asphalt. A really nice ride and it takes you up to about 1300 MSL. From the top you can continue east to some villages.

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