1155 / 1020: Phaya Piyak Road

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  1. The Team: Me, myself and I - on the Vulcan...
    This next image is one I'd captured a week ago - and its niggled away. Finally, it drew me out on the road today. Rather circuitously, as it turned out...

    The "little afternoon ride" turned into a 300 km cruise through the hills and plains... The route was rather unorthodox, even by my standards!
    1173 / 1098 with the initial thought of lunch in Chiang Khong...
    1174 / 1020 because I decided I might go look at the Phaya Piyak viewpoint...
    1021 to Chiang Kham because I could not spot the turn-off... and it was hot... and an icecream in Chiang Kham seemed like a plan :)
    1021 / 1155 and onto Phaya Piyak road... late afternoon by now, worst possible time for taking photos to the northwest...
    If you are think "Wow, that looks steep..." You'd be right - a few of those uphill corners are 1st gear at full noise!
    Looking back towards 1155 and Phu Chi Fah in the late afternoon sun;
    The summit lookout point is awesome! There's a village here (Akha?) with superb views!

    The descent towards 1020 is pretty good- with surprising views over the flooded Ing River swamps;

    Finally - out onto 1020 - these two images show the turn-off point.

    Just another day in Paradise...
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  2. Ben, what a stunning road, another 'must go & see' me thinks. Perfect fotos which captured the lush greenery perfect ! Txs for posting !! Cheers, Franz
  3. Thanks for the tip Ben - that road looks bloody amazing and is definitely on my "to do" list during this coming cool season. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi guys - this little road is definitely worth a detour. What amazes me is how on earth the construction crew keeps control of heavy rollers, and other vehicles, whilst spreading and rolling the asphalt. Its so steep, with such tight corners, even riding the big bike up it is a handful - building it must surely have given some anxious moments for those guys!
  5. Hi Colin

    Its an extension of an old road from the 1020 side which came up to the top of the range o the Phaya Piyak lookout. This road is now extended down to meet the 1155 near Yoosook.
  6. BenGuys

    as im hopeless in mapping and even try to locate something from the map front of me,, i have a question,, IF coming from CM and heading to NAN,, how can i catch that awsome section of the road so i could put that in my gps and find it,,,,

    im planing my next ride now...
  7. Hi Marco

    Easiest way is to go through Chiang Kham heading north - 21kms from town, turn right onto Route 1155 (in the centre of Grid G5 on the Golden Triangle Loop Map) and proceed up Route 1155 for another 27 kms. The turn onto the new road is to the left (left of centre on Grid H4 of the Golden Triangle Loop Map)

    This road is not on the way to Nan from Chiang Mai...
    - it would be quite a nice detour from Chiang Kham if you were then planning on riding 1148 to Nan.
  8. Hi Ben

    yes my plan is leave early from CM and heading to that road and then continue south to 1148 to Nan,,hopefully before dark, but i dont mind dark riding,,, i just wanna ride,,,,
    and sorry i dont have GT map and looking for possibilities from gogle maps and then will input that route to my gps and hop the bike and ride.

    will do abt 10day ride or maybe longer as i dont have anything better things to do

    PS: got trip sorted out already from well trusted GPS guru Auke,,, just short of 500Cliks and very durable for 1 day ride....no worries
  9. Wow. How did I miss this one??!!. Amazing big dipper images.

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