1160 to Chiang Kham - road report


Apr 5, 2005
After the GT xmas ride I headed east to Nan so I could ride my favorite Nan road again, the 1169 and so I could ride the famous 1148 as well. The 1148 is the best road in northern TH, enough said.

After finishing the 1148 from east to west, I saw a small resort with bungalows on the side of a hill near Ban Hae. We headed on to Chiang Kham for fuel and decided to go back for another look at the resort since it was getting late. It rained a little but we made it to the Doi Nang Garden Village. They large bungalow was 500B and the small ones were 300B. Hot water and a squatter included. They have a small restaurant and aim to please.



The resort is on a steep hill and since it was raining they invited me to park the GS in their party room at the top of the hill. If you’ve got short legs and a tall bike you may want to survey your parking spot before heading the driveway.


In the morning we headed north on the 1160 hoping to make a short loop to Chiang Kham before heading to Pu Chee Fah. The 1160 turns to a rocky farm trail when the asphalt ends and then to a forest trail after that. The dirt road was pretty good except for slippery spots when you traveled on the north side of a hill. It was hard packed and when wet the GS wasn’t very stable. Again, it helps to have long legs.

The B&B north TH map didn’t detail any road numbers so I assumed that the 1160 went all the way to Chiang Kham. I came to an intersection that showed the 1345 to the left. I thought this couldn’t be where I wanted to go so I continued on the 1160. We came to a village and I asked my Thai gf to ask if this road continued to Chiang Kham. Turns out they couldn’t speak Thai and she couldn’t speak whatever they spoke. I pointed up the hill and asked if this way was OK and of course they nodded yes. Off we went, chasing pigs and chickens out of the way as we went. ½ KM later I was getting the feeling that I was on a road to nowhere wo I stopped and found a kid who could speak Thai. He said that if I wanted to go to Chaing Kham I had to take the 1345 about 5 km back. So, back down the wet hills we went. The 1345 took us back to Chiang Kham and from there we went north to Pu Chee Fah.


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