15 Hours Of Classes And Up To 6,000 Baht To Renew Your Driving License?

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  1. The Transport Ministry is amending a ministerial regulation to tighten up the issuance of driving licenses and the renewal of driving licenses by making in mandatory for the applicants to attend a training session of up to 15 hours instead of just 3-4 hours as it is the case now.

    The draft ministerial regulation is now being fine-tuned by the Council of State before it is submitted to the Transport Ministry to be announced, said Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisit, adding he expects the new regulation to become enforced within this year.

    The full story is on the Thai PBS website here- Issuance of driving licenses to be tightened to improve road safety - Thai PBS English News
  2. Well that's a Load of Bull!!! Last Time I sat through one of those Classes 70% were playing on their Phones! Another 29% were Sleeping so only about 1% watched the Actual Movie! Me being in the 1 % Ha Ha! It was quite Comical as it basically showed everything they do wrong everyday! If You have to Sit through 15 Hours of that would be Marathon! And no doubt even the 1% would stop watching then Ha Ha! Ridiculous really! Theory is one thing, Driving Ability and Common Sense is another thing altogether!
  3. Still going to drive in a dangerous, reckless manner.
    Until the current laws are enforced and the penalties change the behaviour..
    - Instead of no real enforcement and comical penalties.
  4. This will only translate into more unlicensed drivers on the roads of Thailand..

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