1972 Honda CB 750 K2

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  1. I decided to give the old girl a face lift, inc colour change :)

    Keep me of the streets.

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  2. I will be waiting to see the Bike when You are finished! They were a real Classic! Good Luck.
  3. yeah, i look forward to see it also when restored....i really like this style of bike...here some pics from this beautiful Classic.

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  4. I have two of these in my garage....in the US. Both are K0...one is a sandcast. I would love to have one in Chiangmai.


  5. This model is the 750 Honda I always wanted & never had. Had the CB500-4 which was a similar shape & then a 1979 Honda 750KZ - an excellent bike but totally different appearance. First of the super bikes I reckon.
  6. True ... First of the Jap super bikes ! ..
  7. What a nice pair ... & one is a sandcast model ... very nice ! ... this one will be red when finished ..
  8. Nice restoration Eddy. Owned a K2 for a while myself.
    I still think I am a bit mad when I bought a 1971 CR250 Motocross bike and in the same showroom there a was a new CB750. Paid the same price $1599 as well !
    Any way a mate bought that same CB and a few weeks later I took it for a run, guess what a bl##dy kangaroo hopped straight into me doin 100Kmh. I was basically unhurt as I didnt feel any pain when I limped up the road to check the damage on my mates bike.
    He fixed the bike as I was on crutches and I wrote out a cheque for $350 for the cost of replacement parts and it was back on the road in no time.
    Unbelievable but he still owns it.
    Could be another whole story. That family were the next door neighbors on of our family farm in west Queensland and his dad had about 50 old restored bikes including Ariel square 4s, a Vincent Rapide and a Rickman Honda K750.
  9. The restoration is coming on well :)

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  10. Wow that's looking good - very smart & clean. Looks like a top class job coming.
  11. Looks like a great project. your other two are gorgeous. My first bike was a 72 CB350 4 in candy apple red. It had 23,000 original miles on it in 1983. I sold it to my father and bought a 87 CBR600 Hurricane when they first came out. Wish I still had the old CB350 today.
  12. Thanks .... This will be in Candy Apple Red when finished .... wont be long now .... :)
  13. Starting to look like CB750K2 now ... nearly there :)

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  14. Looking Beautiful! Where did You get parts, Paint Job etc from in Thailand? Like Brand New! Good Work Eddie!
  15. I also wonder what kind of paint you used on the cylinders.
  16. Eddie you are doing a marvellous job there !! She will come out more beautiful than new !! I like the red colour as it makes this bike stand out in the crowd. Did you do a general overhaul too ?? Such as new bearings, gaskets, clutchplates, pistonrings, camchains and the lot ? Looking forward to the photos of the finished bike. Cheers, Franz
  17. Wow, Gorgeous! It will be looking better than new for sure.
  18. Job done ... Looks like my bird is checking it out :)

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  19. Wow, that looks really awesome...great Job , its a real beauty.
  20. Thanks .... Tank + s/panels painted by a Thai guy in Patts ...chroming & alloy polishing in Patts too .. seat in Bkk ... the rest by yours truly ..
  21. Cheers ... The engine was OK 18000 miles on clock .. no oil leaks + clutch-plates still like new etc .. so best left alone, just checked the tappets,& points ... yes points!! + + new set of s/plugs + oil/filter etc etc ... ttfn E.
  22. Beautiful.Congratulations.
  23. Another Honda on the operating bench .. this time 1971 CB750K1... again not difficult ... as its all there .. let the fun begin.... :)
  24. Hi, Re; Black cylinders & head, just a personal choice .... they had black engines in the old days, 2 come to mind .... Vincent Black Shadow & Triumph TSX 8 valve head had black barrel & head ..... it was called stove enameling.....
    Re, Sand-casting, The first batch off about 7000 K series had sand cast crankcases, a rough cast texture.... also called Permanent mold casting ... have a nice day ..

    Ride Safe. E.
  25. The bike looks great now, all new and shiny! A real Japanese classic, not many Jap bikes deserve that title.

    Is that an old California license plate in one of the photos?

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