1997 XR250 Baja -Reserve runs dry with about 1 litre remaining in tank???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Blake, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. I have a dry sump 1997 XR250 Baja, with a Baja tank. When it runs out of fuel, I change it to reserve and it works as it should. But I have noticed that once reserve runs out, I still have about 1 litre of fuel left in the tank. I have actually just had the tank off and drained. I put it back on, added about 1 litre of fuel and it isn't enough to leak even a drop into the filter.

    The only thing I can think of is the following although it still doesn't make sense to me. The bike was made as a Baja although it had an XR tank when I got it. I bought a Baja tank now so the fuel ****(cok) and in-tank filter are from the XR tank. Although the Baja tank is much bigger, you would still expect that the fuel ****(cok) should still pick up the fuel from the very bottom of either tank. Anybody else with a Baja have this happening?
  2. Surely someone must have a 96+ Baja tank on their bike? Does this happen to you?
  3. Sorry Blake,

    I had a 96 xr250 but I never ran it out of fuel so I do not know. Maybe you should just fill the top of the tank so you don't waste that bottom liter. LOL Just kidding, good luck.

  4. Well thanks for the reply. Anybody else?
  5. I think if you shine a flashlight inside the tank while it's on the bike (don't use matches or a lighter), you'll quickly understand where's that last remaining fuel is hiding. Since the pet**** is only on the left side of the tank, some fuel from the right side isn't accessible. To use that last remaining fuel, you have to stop and heavily tilt the bike to the left (even lay it on the ground on the left side), the remainder of the fuel from the right side will flow to the left side. Due to the way the tank is built, there will still be a bit of fuel that can't be used at all, again you can see all that by looking inside the tank with a flashlight (an examination flashlight with a LED on a flexible shaft is best for that task).

    Another thing to try is - remove your pet**** from the tank and thoroughly clean it.

    At least that's my take on it. I have a Baja tank like yours right now, haven't used it in the real world yet. I've got this tank by trading my regular XR250 metal tank (9.5l) with a guy who wanted a smaller, lighter tank. It was in wrong color for my bike, so I removed the old paint and completely drained the tank (it has to be completely empty and even gasoline-vapor free for powder-coating), and powder-coated it. When I as draining it, I couldn't get rid of around 250ml of the remaining fuel, hence the flashlight stuff.

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