1D Road from Pak Ha to Phonsavan

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    What an great road ! There are several hydro schemes along this road, and as follows, guesthouses and restaurants on this fresh tarmac close to the Thakek loop.


    More details on the road here ...


    There are some adventures to be had in this area for sure.

    At  N18.51817 E104.44617 there is a x-roads that reaches all the way to the Vietnam border, along the road there are traditional iron suspension bridges and resettlement projects.

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    A fairly new place, there were a few Lao NGO customers, and some building contractor managers in the air-con rooms, which I guess explains the inflated price, of over 100,000 kip.

    The fan room was perfectly, fine for 70,000 kip. The manager friendly enough, his wife came around and asked me what I had bought for dinner and that I could help myself to coffee in the morning. She saw my cooking equipment and didnt mind.

    Everything in the room was clean and new-ish, the fan quiet.


    Not a bad place if you ride up from Paksan or Thakhek and don't want to make it all the way to Phonsavan. I liked the linear town, there is a little market, a fair few restaurants, BBQ stalls and little shops, that you can find whatever you want to survive the night quite easily.



    N19.00926 E103.58948

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  4. brian_bkk

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    Good choice.. We stumbled across that place too.  A bit delayed as flooding and landslide nearby
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    Lol .. I just took all the data from my etrex and put it on basecamp, which is loaded with OSM.
    I saw it on the OSM map, I was like "?? who the .. thought about putting this little resort on OSM"
    Small world, must have been you, Brian.
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    Just a little bit further towards the Pakxan turnoff, at N18.96492 E103.62566 I stopped to check the price of a room.

    The bungalows were situated at the top of a rough track, as I had just tried and failed to negotiate the Pakxan road, I didn't feel like negotiating another loose rutted slope, possibly in the dark.

    The rooms again were over 100,000 kip with AC but they had a cheaper AC room at 80,000 kip. There is a restaurant there too.

    The people were really friendly, when I explained I just needed a bed and somewhere to make a cup of tea, they were really understanding and friendly. So, I thought it deserved a mention, although I forget the name of the place.
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    Thanks for this. It looks like a top road & ride to put on the Lao hit list of places to go.

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