1st Phnom Penh International Bike Week May 26-27 2012

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  1. A friend of mine living in Phnom Penh told me there will be a Bike Week in Phnom Penh from May 26-27. He gave me the following link to a Facebook Event:


    Other than this link, I have been unable to find any other evidence that this is a verifiable bike week. Can anyone confirm that they have heard of this event or seen posters or anything to confirm that it is legitimate?
  2. never heard of it but if it's true i want to be a part of it! if you are keen, we can do one regardless :) i vote doing a loop around Phnom Penh then going to Motor Cafe
  3. I'm interested. What is necessary to cross into Cambodia from Thailand?

    EDIT: Just found out what is needed.

    1. Green book
    2. Passport
    3. About 2,000 baht for the tourist visa
    4. Passport Photo
    5. Three forms to complete
    - Arrival Card
    - Visa (the one with picture)
    - Customs Declaration

    Was told they accept both baht and USD on the Cambodian side of the border. There are some boys running around to assist with paperwork for 200 baht, and it's all set to go.
  4. Gotta say, I've been to their Facebook page a few times seeing info, and they have have been very quick and very helpful in providing guidance.

    I wish more Bike Week organizers were as efficient and effective! Excellent!!
  5. Hi Friends, hi Ricohoc,

    Just a small question about what you indicated here under:

    Is it possible to cross the border with a bike regsiter and other name than the driver, in other terms can I cross the border with a Green Book under an other name than mine ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply...
  6. I know of someone who crossed with a green book in someone else's name, but they also had a letter from the registered owner of the bike designating them as the rider with permission. However, I don't know what wording the letter actually contained.

    It's my understanding that the crossings into Cambodia are fairly liberal.

    If it were me, I would have the owner provide a copy of their drivers licence, have them sign the copy, provide a signed copy of their passport picture page, and have the green book ready with your passport and a signed letter from the owner of the bike. I'd at least give it a shot if I wanted to go badly enough.

    Additionally, I wouldn't provide all of that upon arrival. I'd just present the green book and your own documentation and see if they wave you through. If they have questions, then I'd pull out the other documentation.

    Just my two cents. Take it with a grain of salt. If you've been here long enough you know that what I experience today won't be what happens to you tomorrow.
  7. Be advised...
    A tourist visa for Cambodia is $20-US (the equivalent of about 600-Baht). Period! Best to pay in $US, not other currencies!
    Most Cambo Immigration entry points will _try_ to charge you more. Some often will ask you to pay for
    a scam health check (usually 100-Bt). Be firm, stand your ground and don't overpay, unless you prefer
    encouraging these common border scams. I've crossed into Cambo numerous times, but never paid over the actual
    visa fee. It just take a little patience and persistence on your part! Just let the naive backpackers supplement Immigrations income!

    BTW, the Thai Customs declaration (entry/exit document) is done at no charge (need greenbook & passport). Get this doc first, then process your
    passport to exit Thailand and lastly go to Thai Customs office with your entry/exit document, greenbook & passport to have your
    bike checked out of Thailand on their computer. You will be given a copy of the entry/exit document after they have processed
    your bike. DO NOT lose the copy!! Upon return to Thailand, Customs needs that doc to allow your bike to re-enter Thailand.

    If you have an OA retirement or long-stay visa, and don't have a Multi-entry permit, don't forget to get an exit visa (1000-Bt)
    from your local Thai Immigration office before departing to Cambo. Failure to have the exit visa will result in cancellation
    of your current OA visa when you re-enter Thailand!

  8. Excellent info and advice! Thanks!
  9. All Bro.
    My name Dody , I am Thai biker living in Phnom Penh and Cambodia Biker Club (CBC) member .On behalft of CBC I would like to invite all biker to join our event 1st Phnom Penh Bike Week 26-27May at diamon island / Phnom Penh .This event we also support to raise donate fun to operation smile for Cambodia kids who have cleft problem.
    For further information require or some help for boder crossing please contact me via [email protected] . Hope to see all brotherhood at Phnom Penh . แล้วเจอกันที่พนมเปญนะครับ
  10. green book must show Thai road tax up to date not just the sticker on the bike or they wont let you out.

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