2/9... offroading trip.

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  1. Hi guys,

    i'm coming to chiang mai for a few days solo riding (1st sept to 5th). i was planning to do the Mae Hong Son Loop, but i think i'm a bit tight on time and I'm coming straight from a business trip, so i'll have too much luggage in tow.

    I've now decided to stay in chiang mai and do a series of day trips. I also thought for giggles I'd hire a different bike every day and do something very different each day

    so day 1. (sunday 2nd), i was going to hire a motorcross bike and do some offroading / trail rides.
    day 2 i'll hire a supermoto bike
    Day 3, I'll hire a sports bike and do longer runs.

    so, do any of you guys who live there fancy some offroading on the sunday? and or beers one night

    this is my current 'normal' habitat...

    so, i'm looking forward to some greenery and rain.


  2. Ps... i'll return the favour if you find yourself in dubai

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