2 Minsks for sale in Bangkok


Oct 9, 2009

the bikes will be available from the 1st if February 2010 in bangkok, after being ridden from vietnam via laos to bangkok by me and a friend.

they have all the documents needed for border crossings and ownership that we need for our trip but wont need after we hand the bikes over.

the bikes themselves have recently been majorly serviced for our trip, they are the old-school style minsk not the new one, able to be fixed with a rock and a hardplace! one of the bikes has saddlebags aswell as a spare parts and tools arsenal to keep both bikes running. they both have upgraded suspension and more comfortable seats aswell for touring.

the only thing needed for a new owner to do will be to pay the import duty tax. this can also be a deposit on the bikes and is a percentage of the final sale price, the proof of sale needed for customs however can be bodged at a lower price so that the tax is minimal. proof that the tax has been paid and bill of sale is needed by us to be allowed to leave the country.

it would be good to have the bikes sold before we leave on the 3rd of january so the best offer made up to then will be taken. a deposit will be need to be payed before then so that a bill of sale can be produced to the customs officials on the border when we enter thailand. the rest of the balance can be payed when the bikes are handed over.

feel free to PM me offers