2 Night/ 3 Day Tour Of The Golden Triangle

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am going to be doing a 2 night/ 3 day ride around the Golden Triangle. This my first time riding in Thailand, but rode bikes a long time. I will be taking my own motorcycle gloves, boots and trousers. I am a very defensive rider and planning not the extra travel time.

    Here is my plan

    Day 1
    Pick up bike from Tony's Big bikes around 8:30am and ride early to Chiang Rai. I hope to arrive in Chiang Rai around 4 pm so I can have a look around and relax
    Day 2
    Ride down to Phayao, ride some of the local roads and find a hotel near Chiang Mai
    Day 3
    Ride very early into Chiang Mai to take bike back to Tony Big Bikes. Get some Breakfast and site see and then head to the airport to meet the wife in Krabi

    A few questions,

    Q1) can you recommend a cheap guest within 10-20kms of Chiang Mai for my last night. I have a hotel booked in Chiang Rai
    My budget is around 1000 - 2000 Baht

    Q2) Can you recommend any good roads on the way north to Chiang Rai and around Phayao? I will be taking my time and not is a fast rush) I have been looking at it looks like highway 107 - 1178 looks good. then 1340 onto 1089 around to Chiang Rai

    Q3) Any worth stops on the way for a break?

    I do not want to plan too much as I like to find new places, that is the reason I ride motorcycles.
  2. Honestly the way to go is via Doi Khang - Doi Mae Salong.....
    As outlined here
    as outlined in the Golden Triangle / Laos border run.
    You can get back to Chiang Mai in a day from any of these towns.
  3. Cheers Dave.

    Unfortunately on the 3rd day I need to back in Chiang Mai around 9am as I need to be at the airport for around 11am for check in for the flight t Krabi. That is why I want to sleep near Chiang Mai at the end of 2nd day so I can get up very early and go back to Tony's bike shop and hand the bike back at 9:30 - 10:30am

    Its a bit of a rush round, but my wife will be waiting for me.
  4. There's accommodation evreywhere in Thailand & in your case
    Mae Kachan & Doi Saket on the 118
    or should you come back down the 107 then you have Chiang Dao & the Mae Rim area.
    Or in Phrao try Michael's Doi Farang
    Booking.com is a good website to use
    Or change your flight & go at the end of the day = the missus wont go anywhere & will still be in Krabi when you get there.

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