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    Hey guys, i'm fairly new here. Been lurking for a while and reading all the interesting threads, but now I need a bit of advice and guidance from all you good people. Thanks in advance.

    I'll be traveling to Chiang Mai in the beginning of February and planning to do a bike trip for about 2+ weeks with another 2 friends. Starting and ending point of the bike trip will be Chiang Mai.

    We ride enduro/dirt bikes at home (Toronto,Canada) and we would like to experience the Northern part of Thailand in a more of a 50/50 paved/dirt roads way. We're thinking of renting a couple of CRF205's load them up and head for the mountains, dirt and adventure :)

    Is this a silly dream or actually doable? I noticed in most RR that the northern roads are paved and looking real good, so maybe a CRF250 would be pointless and we should get something more like a CB500X.
    What can you tell me about this?

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    There's a lot of dirt out there on the MHS Loop if you want to do it.
    But the distance are not great & often the scenery is no better than on the asphalt roads; unless you're into riding single track.

    You could take a CRF250 for a few days, then swap over to a road bike.
    What's best for you, you will be able to decide only after you comeback.

    Check these out

    An oldie, but still applicable

    There's a North Thailand asphalt trip planner in here

    BTW if you're other 2 friends are not experienced dirt riders, then perhaps it best to play it safe & stick to the asphalt.

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