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  1. A couple of broad noob questions:

    I am meeting a mate in PP in mid March with the plan on hiring bikes for two weeks and heading out into the sticks. I have been reading various places and forums and think I have understood the basics. There are however, a few areas in which any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. We are both experienced with on and off-road motorcycles and are prepared to encounter some rough terrain.

    March seems to be a little bit late in the 'motorbike' season, I take it this is due to the heat. How are things usually at that time of the year? Are there any areas of the country that would be better suited than others (in regards to climate) or is it just a stupid idea to do this at that time?

    Generally it sounds as though a good map + adventure camdobia + (maybe) a GPS is what is required for the major stretches. What about guides? Is it the case that you can pick up a guide in some of the regional towns for some day trips with some local expertise? Is this necessary and/or advised?

    The basic idea of the trip revolves around photograhy. Both of us are photographers, but this trip is shooting for pleasure rather than business. We are interested in getting out into the countryside and meeting locals, finding interesting 'personal stories' and locations and following these. Any suggested locations or routes would be appreciated as well as contacts/local guides in various locations.

    thanks in advance.

  2. March is a bit warm but not unbearable. One advantage is most of the shallow creek crossings are dried up by this time.
    Mondulkiri, at ~1000m elevation will be one of the cooler places in Cambodia. From Mondulkiri you can ride straight up the guts to Ratanakiri. Both areas are well worth checking out.
    I dont think you will need a guide, just ask locals as you go.
    Having the Gecko map, Adventure Cambodia and maybe a GPS is well prepared.
    Might be a good idea to pay a bit more when hiring bikes in PP, heard some bad stories re the cheaper places.
  3. Hi l300d00,

    When you are in PP drop into California2 for a cold beer or 2-3-...with the owner Jim. He can give ALL the latest on where, when, and how to get to just about anywhere, plus will gear his suggestions to what kind of bike you are riding and what level of comfort you have with various road/dirt track conditions.

    And, this is the local hang out for a good portion of PP riders. Ergo - Lots of info for free, plus cheap Cold beer.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. They help in filling in some of the rather large gaps in my knowledge on the subject thus far.

  5. I've recently finished a 2 week tour with Ride Cambodia Motorbike Tours - amazing trip! After this I would strongly advise that you do get a guide for the proper off-road in the deep jungle. Some of the tracks we went on were so tight and loads of little turn offs that you wouldn't even notice were there if you didn't know! I'm sure there are great routes that are do-able without a guide, but if you want to get right out into the thick jungle I'd say a guide is essential!

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