2 Weeks on Motorbike, start/end PP, keep it natural and scenic

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  1. kesoak

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    Hey GT-Rider community,

    I'll be in Cambodia for two weeks at the start of April, and I'm dead set on hiring a Honda Baja 250 for my stay. I have a few questions though, and I'll apologise in advance if they're redundant.

    -Can anyone recommend a shop in PP for hiring a Baja for two weeks? I'll be hiring/buying gear as well. What sort of costs should I assume if I want to hire this bike for two weeks? Be nice to know a price range to avoid being ripped off, and most posts I can find regarding costs are from 2009.

    -Can anyone recommend a circuit that is relaxed and away from all the touristy bullshit? Happy to stay away from cities and into smaller villages/mountains/countryside as much as possible.

    -What's the current cost for petrol and how much should one expect to be paying for a tank?

    If anyone has a relationship with a shop/dealer that's a bit more low key, that'd be amazing. I've got experience riding a Honda CB750 and also Enfields. I also work as a professional mural/sign painter, so if you knew anyone who needs some nice signs made up I would so be willing to offer services in exchange for a good hookup.

    Ride safe!
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  3. mgeepers

    mgeepers Active Member

    Hi there Soak
    I suggest you bring your own riding gear if possible the bike will cost you $US30 per day, try The Bike Shop at 31 Street 302, Phnom Penh. Don't worry about the price of petrol !!! Good luck
  4. kesoak

    kesoak New Member

    Cheers Mgeepers. Do you have any insight on bypassing the Cambodia license? What did you need to provide in order to hire a bike from there? I don't want to wait 2 days in PP and would rather deal with the occasional US dollar hand over then wasting valuable riding time.
  5. mgeepers

    mgeepers Active Member

    I did not bother about the licence and no one checked, need to leave passport as security to take bike.

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