2000Km, 3 Fuel Filters, 1 Flat

Jan 31, 2008
Here is our story, My freind calls me last year and said where do you want to go rideing this year? I said Island of Mann TT races it's the 100th running we will have a blast right? Wrong. He says how about Thailand? Yeah sure but lets wait till next year, January is the best time to go the weather will be perfect. We start to get things in order, I surf the web getting info, He calls back and asks if its allright to bring some friends? Hell no to many people with differant personalitys, You know some people sleep in late, some want to check in with famaily every hour, some want to drink all night and can't get going the next day or how about the guy that is looking for Pussy every where we go!! No way lets keep it a small group you can bring one friend, So now with Buck Nacked Bart from Texas we are three.

GT Rider forum looks like a good place to get info from so I ckeck it out. Where to ride? Start Chaing Mai. Who to rent from Mr. Mechanic looks good, So off goes the emails " We would like to rent 3 CB750 Hondas for 7 to 8 days" we even called twice to make sure everything was good to go. I spoke to Ben and he said he would pick us up from the airport in Chaing Mai, Perfect call everone and say we are all set.

January 15, 2008
First day in Thailand, Say goodbye to wife in BKK she heads off to Udon Thani to see family, We head off to Chaing Mai, I tell her I'll see you in two days. Arrive Airport no one there to pick us up. Great way to start our ride, Get taxi to take us to Mr. Mechanic they never hear of the place Of course I dont have the address, "S**t ", Bart saves the day finds them in his Tour Book. off we go to Mr. Mechanic get there and whos the first person we meet? Ben the guy that said he'd pick us up.

I go over to the bikes and start to check them out, New tires, Fresh oil change, looking good wait where is the thrid bike? Oh it will be ready tomarrow, "you come back we have ready for you" can I see it? "Yes sure come this way" Down an ally we go and there it is, Head, Pistons, Striped to its base gasket. Oh Man what elese do you have ready to go? "Super Sport 400" I'll take it.

So I go back in to pay for the bikes 8 days 3 bikes 800bath for the 750's 700bath for the 400 per day, Total 18,400 bath I did not even try to haggel the price. Ben tells us if we crash them its 5000Bath, But if they are lost or we get them ripped off its 30,000 baht. I'm cool with 5 G's if crashed but 30 G's if lost, "Hey Ben you got a big chain I can have for about a week?" Ben says "No all we have is bicycle chain, But don't worry no one steals the big bike only steal Honda Dream" Ok that makes me feel better. Ben then asks "where you go on your trip?" Well first we are going to see my inlaws over in Udon and then we will work our way back to....."Oh no no no you can not go to Udon please stay in the North around Chaing Mai yes?" Why do I have to stay in the North? Why can't I go to see my wife and family in Issan. "It's not safe maybe you get pulled over by police have trobble". Ok now I see whats going on, none of the bikes have plates on them so they want us to stay in and around Chaing Mai. Ok Ben we stay close to your home not go to far away. I don't think Ben beleaved us he kept saying you not go to Udon. I looked him right in the eye an said Ben you can trust us you have my word. We were never more than a days ride from Chaing Mai and we never ran out of great roads to ride, I did not brake my word to him. The last thing I asked for before leaving was a map of the Mae Hong Song loop. Ben said $150 baht and I was like here you can have it back. "No no for you free" He said with his big Thai smile. Thanks Ben for the Map we put it to good use.

It was time to hit to road or in our case rush hour traffic Chaing Mai style. It was late so we just headed around the water that circles the inter city. We ended up at Lai Thai Guest House. And so ends our first day. Get some sleep boys the real fun starts tomarrow. Welcome to Thailand.

I got to go for now but i'll post the rest of the story when I have time.
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Jan 31, 2008
Jan 16, 2008 Lai Thai Guest House.

Wake up 4:00AM Dam to soon the chickens arn't even up yet. walk down to the gas station to by a razor. All the ladyboys start hitting on me, "where you stay, Me love you long time bhla, bhla, bhla. man the bodys on some of these guys mess with your head its a trip! Walk back to Lai Thai, take my time getting ready. By 6:00AM I'm loaded up and ready to go, Sun not up yet, still dark. Rule #1 no ridding after dark, To many close calls in the past, But I'm like come on guys " look no traffic lets get out of the city before it gets bussy". No go, Kick back and watch the city come to life, Monks walk the streets bare foot looking for Alums, Hear the Tuk Tuks and 2stroke bikes go by. Get a good wiff of the open seuwers. Ahh to be back in Thailand. By 6:30Am I'm ithching to hit the road.

We had no set place to be and made our trip up as we went from day to day. and sometimes by midday we'd change direction and be off on a side road with no # but it just looked good to me so we would go for it, This is how you find some of the best hidden teasures in Thailand. Offen times the road would turn to drit and I'd go another 500 to 1000meter to see what was around the bend or over the hill, Then turn around and head back, Smileing at the other guys at the prospect of going back 20 to 40 Kms. We were on rental bikes after all and if this was not the case I'd have gone futher into the widerness.

So off we go in to the predawn city of Chaing Mai. " lets stay close together till we clear the city and if we do get lost from eachother call my wifes # and we'll find each other". Never happened the whole trip we never got lost from eachother. Now for some people you may think your lost but I always look at it as just chooseing a differant direction and with this in mind you can never get lost.

I remember going for a ride with some friends awile back my dad was with us. It was winter time and cold. We were headed for Kings Cyn in central Californa, late nite 10:00PM. We all pulled off at Gorman to refuel and warm up. "Hey were is the old man" no one saw him get off with us. Mind you this was before cell phones, Damit where did he go? off we race up the road trying to catch him, no way he was long gone on his ridgid frame 650 Triumph. All night I'm trying to find him. Everyone elese is sleeping and I'm out there making calls to everyone we know, Man it was four days later that we found him at home and you know what he said to me, "I always wanted to say that I road to Bakersfield for a cup of coffee"!!! Thats the last time I ever worryed about loseing someone.

All right back to Thailand first destanation the highest point in the contury of course. But wait let me go home and get the maps out so that I can give you the rought we went. This story will get told just give me some time.

Bak Ham Yai
Got to bounce.