2001 Yamaha XJR1300SP

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  1. Blue Yamaha XJR1300SP in very good condition for sale. It is 2001 but rides like a 2011 bike! Just as comfortable and easy to ride as my Versys was with more torque than a politician, no surprise it is number 1 of all bikes here http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews2631.html

    It has just over 30,000 KMS but as these bikes often go for 150-200k with only normal servicing it is still young. The titanium Moriwaki header and titanium exhaust from a 2003 R1, together with the 1251cc engine, give this bike a great sound. The rear suspension has been upgraded to FULLY adjustable Ohlins and front & rear ebc brake pads, oil and air recently changed. Tyres are Pirelli Angel ST with plenty of tread left. I have modded the seat since the picture was taken so it now has an extra 1inch of padding, more comfortable and a tad more legroom.

    The bike has no green book but has the correct invoice papers and excise tax paid. I went and had them checked by the BIB and tax folk who confirmed this but no green book has been fine for me using the bike on a daily basis, I even get waved through at the no-helmet checks. A great bike suitable for city riding or touring for only 155,000baht. Bike is in Chiang Rai.

    Please PM or call if interested 0875 770445

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  2. I spend my time between the UK and Thailand and will be back in a few weeks, if it is still available then I'll have it as been looking for one in Thailand for a while now. I ride one here (UK) and wouldn't have any other bike!
  3. Sounds good, another happy XJR rider! Pm or call me when you get to Thailand and if it isn't sold we can sort something out.
  4. Hope you have something else lined up to replace it mate. I remember seeing this and you telling me how much you liked it. No doubt you'll be sad to see it leave.
  5. Hello mate, I do like it, it's a great bike! Nothing lined up but never had a proper Supersport yet and might be moving away next year so fancy my last riding season on something else, hopefully get down to bonanza and do some track days too where I can enjoy it's full potential as I'd take it easy(ish) on the roads up here.
  6. Check out Cal Crutchlow on an XJR 1300 at Silverstone, despite the size of the bike it is very nimble and easy to ride

    Price is negotiable so make an offer, I've seen a bike I'd like to buy so would rather sell sooner rather than later.
  7. A few more pics after a much needed clean!

    Attached files 281630=11838-XJR. 281630=11839-XJR2. 281630=11840-XJR3. 281630=11841-XJR4.
  8. To the person that sent me an SMS on Friday asking if I'd accept 130k , I tried calling a few times over the weekend but no answer! Please call me or email, thanks.
  9. Hi Thaider, if you are back and still interested please call or PM me and make an offer, could get a bargain!
  10. Please, no more time-wasters, three is enough! This is a good bike in good condition available at a great price, 125,000baht is my lowest price which is very fair. Why waste your time and mine with numerous emails and sms saying you are interested and then just stop communicating, if you change your mind take 30secs to let me know!
  11. I've found the replacement bike for when the XJR sells so will let it go in the next week only for 115,000baht which is a total bargain! Have a read of the reviews here to see what you could be riding soon http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews2631.html
  12. wow, what a great bike & what an incredibly low price!!

    Hey skybluestu, it's not that the price is to high, it's finding the right buyer for this beautiful beast of a bike.

    Good luck with the sale.
  13. Thanks Joel, the original price was about right, the price I'm asking now is a steal! I know some folk only want a bike with a green book but in most parts of Thailand big bikes with invoice and excise tax papers are the norm and perfectly OK for everyday riding.

    Surprised the right buyer hasn't viewed this ad yet, hopefully they will in the next week while it is available for such a low price!
  14. Hiya guy. Good luck selling. I hope it goes soon. Surely you have put it on CR Focus already?

    Stop in for a coffee if you get on this side of town.
  15. Hi mate, yeah it's on CR Focus now too. Will be in soon, put the kettle on!
  16. A few pics taken yesterday....sorry, can't upload pics for some reason.
  17. Just paid a deposit on another bike so price reduced yet again, now only 110,000baht which is an absolute bargain! I don't have to sell it to buy the next bike though so no silly offers please, already had more than my fair share of time-wasters.
  18. PM sent. Tried calling this morning.
  19. I got one maybe @ 110,000baht, does a price of 105,000baht not tempt anyone? Great touring bike for the riding season which is almost upon us.
  20. Good lord, you're getting to the point where you'd probably make more money parting it out. Amazing how hardly anyone wants to touch unplated bikes anymore.
  21. Side tracking from the post...

    Interesting point you raise Tony...close to a 30% price drop and still the OP can't "give it away"...

    It may be OK for areas like CM/CR/Issan but you would get smashed by the hour by the Bangkok Police the moment you tried to use a big bike like this on a regular basis here in Bangkok “un-plated and without the full and complete paperwork”.

    I have noticed across all Thai websites lately a definite increase in the amount of “Invoice” bikes for sale.

    I am not sure, maybe everyone is getting nervous of the “possible/pending” banning of them? and trying to dispose of them before they become as valuable as the combined value of the spare parts or scrap metal?

    Many are still asking insane prices for them (good luck to them if they can get it) but a lot of my mates are not even thinking about even looking at them anymore, they are all going for the less stress and risk option of going and buying a “cheap, fully legal” ER6N/F etc, etc.

    I wish the OP the best of luck in selling her, it’s a great XJR1300SP, I would love to have a power beast like that sitting in my garage (fully legal of course)


  22. Buddy of mine had a beautiful XJR1300 with plate and "grey" book that he sold for 205k Baht several years ago when riding unplated bikes was still quite common. His bike had one of those Prachinburi green books that everyone seems to avoid these days. Man that was a cool bike!

  23. Importers showrooms still getting in fresh grey bikes and getting books , its only private sellers who seem worried ,Siam Speed waay have just had a container of 14 late model HDs come in and Teera has had more deliveries of grey bikes , seems business as usual????

    i hope you sell that lovely bike soon .
  24. That may be the case with the Grey Importers and having the "network" to Green Book their bikes.

    My comments were regarding "invoice" bikes with No Plates or Green Books.

    A grey import big bike with a "green book" is still "legally plated" so the Police can't do anything.

    You may be correct and the private sellers may be the ones who are worrying?


  25. Well, like I've said all along, I wouldn't have this bike in BKK either but there are still many places in Thailand where big bikes without green books are the norm. I ride it less now but still a few times a week and usually see police while I'm out and about and still no problem, never been stopped/fined in 10mnths of having it. I still see, on a daily basis, bikes being added to bike shops I've 'liked' on facebook and all are invoice only still apart from 59bike. A few weeks ago there were two GSXR1000 an R1, Speed Triple and a Hypermotard that I enquired about but all were sold within 2 days of being advertised and all were inv only. I chatted to some Thais I know recently that own big bikes, all unregistered of course, and they just laughed and said only a problem in BKK!

    So anyway, back in topic, the XJR is a great bike and mine is available at a great price.

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