2004 K1200LT for Sale

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  1. Hi Guys

    So Now i have been thinking a lot and with Sad feeling's put my LT for sale as I looking for newer bike to keep up with SSR guys, so the deal is this, I'm Looking for LEGAL Kawasaki 1400GTR with green book and if founded and price is right then and only then i will need to sell my LT.
    i have 47000Km in the meter what means 7833Km per year what is not much for bike like this.
    Pictures of the bike can be seen in my Icon and all around in my post's mainly in NORTH thailand forum but if more pictures are reguired, i would be happy to send them so PM me.
    price is 660.000THB or higher if you wish to pay more,(I dont mind :lol: )

    it's no rush so take your time and talk to Missuswifey.
    When i have Kawa, then LT is heading out, i'm a poor rice farmer and no place for 2big bikes.
  2. Marco, not a bad decision you'll see, first port of call for the GTR1400 might be Red Baron. While surfing second hand bike sites I must admit there was never one on sale so far. You should consider also the FJR as these are few around and service & parts are easily to come by. If you haven't ridden one yet, be my guest next time we meet. Actually there's not much choice I'm afraid other than Beemers K's or Yamahas FJR as Triumph doesn't build a similar bike as does Duc and Kawa are not on the market with the big one. Cheers & good luck in selling the 'Panzerwagen', Franz
  3. Morning Franz

    FJR is an other joice for sure and i like Yamaha service additude country wide, i will take your offer to tested when i come up,,,might be soon as i already get boored home(2day back home)
    first i will change tyres and then of the road.

    I keep all my options open but only thing is that like yours, my back is not allowing me to have sport bike, so touring for me and either FJR or Kawa at this point looks attempting.
  4. Marco, we both are no lightweights right ? So concerning FJR it's called Sports-Touring, means Touring first, never got any pain, neither back nor bump nor having cramps in your hips, no aching outer palms of your hands, simply nothing. Sport means you can turn her in a limited racer when necessary. I would just worry bout the spares & service when riding the GTR...........cheers, FR
  5. Do consider the Triumph Tiger. Sport touring bike.
    Most comfortable bike I have ever ridden.
    Upright riding position.
    Brilliant engine.
    Excellent service support.
  6. Sorry mate and no offence but no triumph for me, just not my taste
  7. OOOPS, yes that one slipped my attention, I wonder if Ian Bungy still considers in selling his ?? Would go to X-Center if I were you Marco next time you are up here and have a chat and testride with Ian's 'mighty black Bengal Tiger'..... :D . GTR and FJR are like twins, Tiger might be much more compared to R1200's as riding position and suspension are more like an Adventure bike though, not engine & performance of course. Cheers, FR
  8. Like Franz I haven't seen a GTR for sale either but was flicking through a Thai bike mag today and saw 59bike have a 2008 for 635,000B. http://www.59bike.com/product_item.php?id=46
    Don't know whether it has a book though.
    Franz is also right about the comfort of the FJR. I have a bad back and can't ride any sporty bikes. I bought an FZ-1 and couldn't sit on it for more than a couple of hours swapped it with Johns FJR and can sit on it all day. You could do a lot worse than an FJR.
  9. thanx matey, how you been,, getting some miles to yoru new bike?

    I looked that last link you sent and noticed that bike has Japanese plates, so no book, but would get new book with in 75K, i'll keep on looking that and as soon i'll get some one intrested on my "Buss" then i'll contct the seller
  10. Hi Craig

    where did you pick up that it has Book and Reg? as adverd do not say anything,, plate i can see but so dos many gray bikes,,they are usually self made,,
    i have emailed to the lad and will see what he is saying

    thanx for the link
  11. Marco i am sure i saw one for sale on mocyc.com. If i see it again i will send you the details.

  12. Hi jan
    yes there was 2 actually,, one with no papers and book and other with so called bookbut no insurance paid,, so i think book is fabricated,,
    ill always ask chassis number and let them know that i wanna check if they have book or not, and so far only 1 has been fund to be legimet... :cry:
  13. Hi Marco. I was looking last night but couldn't find it, so maybe it's sold already. The ones you checked were they on mocyc .com?


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