2006 GSXR1000

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  1. Suzuki GSXR1000 For Sale. Year 2006, 5000 kms. Show Room Condition. 500.000 Baht includes Plate, Green Book & Tax! Bike is in Chiang Mai and belongs to Hans The Bike Painter. You can Contact him at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or give him a call at 086-9147016
    Good Buy for someone.
    Cheers Ian.

    We seem to be getting off the Subject but here is a Photo of the Bike. As you can see it's in Mint or as New Condition!!!
  2. Ian - he's only had it a few months. What's the reason for selling?
    A 600 or 750 it'd be mine by now!
  3. Tells me He has 4 Bikes and He has Brought Land and Building a House in Samoeng? Anyway he brought the Bike New so had it late last year i think as i saw him here on it.? For sure he has never Thrashed it. Not really a Bike Suited to the way he rides but each to his own. I just stuck this on as a Favor to Him.
    Cheers Ian.
  4. I've seen the bike and been riding with him. He bought it from Joe.
    Wearing slippers,T Shirt and a plastic Thai helmet is definitely not advised on a GSX-R or any other bike for that matter.
    If only it was a 750. Nobody needs the 1000's in Thailand IMHO.
  5. Picked my bike up from Mr. T and guess what they have a "new" but old 750. Says 885kms on the odometer. When I say old I mean not the latest model. There is also a CBR 900 with 0 kms and no carbon residue in the exhaust pipe, but it is also not the latest model.
  6. Sounds like standard "Mr T" practice
    - descriptions are only relative to their needs of shifting stock.
    Caveat Emptor.
  7. So based on Rhodie's advice I should avoid even looking at this "new" 750?
  8. No, if you are looking for a 750, still check it out.
    I bought & paid for a new bike thru their other shop, BKK.
    Having emailed me the price & spec they received the payment in full.
    Then they called.
    They had made a mistake with the price +30K oh and the specs had changed.
    After a rather warm discussion they eventually agreed a full refund.

    Re Mr T, a mucker bought a Super Tenere from them and it took them 2-3 months before producing the greenbook.
    There was little movement on asking price beyond a new set of tyres.
    Just be wary and sure you know what you are buying.
  9. Mike - do you know what year it is that "new" but old GSXR 750?
  10. Jonny,

    I'll get my girlfriend to call tomorrow.

    I had no rego problem whatsoever with my purchase in 2003. Picked up bike and blue/green, can't remember, book at the same time, even had new road tax and compulsory insurance.

    I don't have time at the moment to go back there but if needs be I could take some pictures.
  11. Johnny,

    You are going to be disapointed now. My new but old evaluation was based soley on inspection not on knowledge. Turns out it is a 1997 model.This colourhttp://www.bikepics.com/pictures/860696/ I am a bit confussed because the clock says 885-ish km but the info my girlfriend got was 20,000kms. They want between 120,000 and 130,000 Baht for it.

    Also there which I didn't ask for:

    '97 CBR 1100 280,000
    '95 CBR 900 RR 360,000
    '99/2000? Hyabusa 275,000

    Again sorry for the disappointment.
  12. Mike no problem. I already phoned him and so have lost interest
    A while ago on this thread I asked if anyone new about the dealer in Bangkok called Prechatanayont. Anybody have any knowledge,experience of this dealer? Been around a long time.
  13. This from BKK riders but no personal or 2nd hand experience. Just don't go on a Wednesday[:D]

    Precha Tanayont

    Japanese cruisers and dirt-bikes. chopper parts.

    Wednesday Closed 1820/440 Sirinthon Rd. Bang Bumru, Bang Phlat, 10700 map

    Tel 02-435-5786, 02- 435-5806, 02-881-9986 (-9987)
    Fax 02-881-9989

    GPS: N13.78778/E100.48415
  14. wowww....1995 CBR900 RR 360,000
  15. Can't see the Point in anyone wanting to Overpay Pay Top Dollar for old Second hand Crap that has been Rolled Bowled and Arseholed when for another 100.000 you can have a New Bike like this post was originally about??? This is one Problem in Asia People overpay for Second Hand Bikes before looking at the True Costs!!! Check the Cost of these Bikes in your Home Country and then Compare to Here it is not as Bad as everyone thinks.
    Example: 1995 CBR900 360.000 Bht (12 years old!!!)
    2006 GSXR1000 500.000 Bht (5000 km as New)
    Wow come on Guys it's not Rocket Science, Which one would you Buy Duh? Get Serious???
    Cheers Ian.
  16. Wowwww.... 1997 CBR 1100 XX 280,000 Wowww
  17. Is it the same bike at Sa Shop?
  18. This Bike is Still in Chiang Mai as i saw Han's on it the other day, He won't leave his Bikes in any Shop i am Sure of that, Private Sales.
    Cheers Ian.
  19. Still waiting for a Brave Man or Rich Man to be it's New Owner???
  20. Its too bad that the prices are so high. But on the other hand, why do dealers even bring these bikes to Thailand? They are to big and to fast for most people. But like you said- if it was a 600cc i wouldn´t hesitate. (at a good price)
    Didn´t Red baron have a gsxr 600??? I´ll go lookk now.
  21. Hi
    I could maybe be interested.Just sold my 2003 cbr954rr.Looking for a new bike.My first choice is kawasaki zx-10r, 2 choice yamaha r1.But i havent thought aboat susuki.Is it easy to get spareparts in Thailand?If i am interested i'v got the cash.Have the bike allready got the green book?
  22. Hi Knut,
    In all the Reports i have read or been told about Suzuki has always come out on top in the 1000cc Superbike class. Spare Parts are readily avalible out of Singapore if there is any difficulty getting what you want in Thailand. Give Han's a Call on:
    086-9147016 or email him at: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] . You can ask him direct any questions you may have as i am just helping him out as a Favor? Good Luck and all the Best.
    Cheers Ian.
  23. I thought the R1 was top of them all. Dont know why i never liked the gixxer, i think a superbike should have a highpipe and 2 headlights. So it must be a thing with the looks of the GSX-R. But i'm sure its a decent bike...
  24. Hope Ian Bungy doesn't mind us discussing other bikes for sale on this thread. Was in Ride Thailand's shop today, here on Phuket, they have an immaculate GSXR 600 for sale.
  25. tropicaljohnno can you give me the phone number of this shop in phuket for this gsxr 600
    thanks in advance

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