2006 MotoGP Calendar

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  1. Mar 26...........Spanish GP......Jerez
    Apr 8 (Sat).....Qatar GP.........Qatar
    Apr 30...........Turkish GP........Istanbul
    May 14..........Chinese GP.......Shanghai
    May 21..........French GP.........Le Mans
    Jun 4.............Italian GP..........Mugello
    Jun 18...........Catalunya GP....Catalunya
    Jun 24 (Sat)...Dutch TT...........Assen
    Jul 2..............British GP..........Donington Park
    Jul 16............German GP.........Sachsenring
    Jul 23............USA GP.............Laguna Seca
    Aug 20..........Czech GP............Brno
    Sept 10.........Malaysian GP.....Sepang
    Sept 17.........Australian GP.....Phillip Island
    Sept 24.........Japanese GP......Motegi
    Oct 15...........Portuguese GP....Estoril
    Oct 29...........Valencia GP.........Valencia

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  2. MotoGP this Sunday 14th May is from Shanghai at 11.00 am.

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  3. I think it is a delayed broadcast as it is not shown as a "Live Event" in the UBC guide. Don't anyone tell me the results before the broadcast!

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  4. OK so this newbie found "The local" to watch the Moto GP's.

    Does anybody know what time it starts this Sunday the 23rd?
  5. According to the UBC Book it will start at 0400hrs on the 24th. Coming from California. A rebroadcast is shown at 2200hrs on monday evening. I don't know if "The Local" will be showing the rebroadcast or not. It is only an hour in length as they don't run the support races in the U.S.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  6. Thanks Dave,

    The qualifying showed it with Rossi back in 10th and some fresh faces up front. If anybody knows who will be showing the broadcast I would be greatful if they'd post it. Looking for a place to put my ass for an hour to watch the Moto GP action. Cheers.

  7. If you want to do Sepang on the cheap, take a tent, I camp there every year, 20 Ringit for 3 days camping and if you want can watch the bikes go past without even getting out of your tent. Main grandstant is 50 RM and can sit anywhere in the v shaped grandstands. Actually Friday is free anyway. another option, when I went down for F1, stayed in a bungalow, on the beach about 20 mins from circuit, was okay as i had my own transport, but shouldnt be too dear if have to use Taxi.

  8. Sepang MotoGP not at the track, but on the tele in Chiang Mai.
    This Sunday 10th Sept 2006 starting at 10.45 am at the UN Irish Pub on Ratchawithi road.
    GT Riders not going to watch the Nim See Seng Moto-x on the super see you at the UN Irish for MotoGP. Admission free.

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  9. Thanks for the heads up David. I'll see you there before heading out to the moto X to get some heatstroke.
  10. Sunday 17th Sept 2006 MotoGP from Philip Island live on the goggle box in Chiang Mai yet again - exciting stuff eh?
    See you "all" at the UN Irish Pub on Ratchawithi Road. (Edwin why not swing by & make friends mate?)

    The supposed Start Sports TV Schedule:
    09:57 Star Sports. MotoGP. PHILLIP ISLAND, AUSTRALIA. 4 hrs 03 minutes telecast.

    Bring your magnifying glass & watch out for GT Riders John "Jonadda" Nash & Michael "Craypot" in the crowd at the track....

    Big 'n Tall can tell us all about his transition from Racer55 to Camel Back to Big'n Tall.

    Should be a good Sunday breakfast meet.

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  11. Sunday 24th September 2006
    Japanese MotoGP Motegi.
    09.00 am start on ESPN Star Sports. 4 hrs telecast.
    Yet again live on tele at the UN Irish Pub on Ratchawithi Road.

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  12. David

    you mentioned once that you watched Aussie V8 touring cars in one of the bars up there, any idea what satalite/cable system the guy has. After just returning back from 6 months in OZ watching the V8's banging and smashing their way around the tracks would like to watch more if possible.

    They sometimes show V8's on Motor World, but never advertised so its only pot luck if you happen to catch it.

    Had a good time at Sepang, with Dean above, camped beside us.

  13. John it was on the old ABC Asia Pacific TV (now called Australian network) In Chiang Mai you get it on WeTV cable or with a satellite dish (but dont know exactly which dish set up.)
    Check out
    for the weekend's sporting events.

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  14. Thanks for the info David, will check it out


  15. Tropicaljohn if you figure out where the Oz Touring cars are being shown please let us know. I'm from the states and I think that series is the best Sedan series in the world for fun action. I wish we 'Mericans would figure out going in circles gets old.

    The rest of you I'll see sleepy eyed at 9:00 am at the Irish for Montegi moto GP.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  16. Apologies not MotoGP, but for Big & Tall, and Tropicaljohno
    V8 Supercars. Bathurst 1000 Live on October 8. The eight hour continuous coverage will feature a special tribute to Australian racing legend Peter Brock, on ABC Australian Network TV

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  17. Gee David, thats one event i must see, as always spent the day at home in OZ when bathurst was on, great watching the brake didcs glowing red as they were braking at the endo f con rod straight....

    I got around the circuit in 4 1/2 minutes, in my Alfa, I think they do it in 2 1/4 minutes, mind you it was a public road when i did it, and at least I beat my friend in his Cololls, (2,000cc versus 1,300cc)

    will do a withch hunt around HKT (thats our air code why they couldnt use PKT as an air code is beyond me), to see who has cable


  18. Big & Tall

    Bathurst V8's are on Sunday 8th October, 7am to 14.45 Thai Time
    Channel 10 the Aussie tv station televising it 4am to 3pm thai time
    they do 161 laps so normally finnish around 1pm TT

    Have contacted the Aussie ABC channell that broadscast in Asia and they say have to get back to them 1 week before the race so stay tuned and will give you an update next week.

    howz the weather up there, monsoon conditions here on Phuket, get me a bit homesick for England


  19. Tropicaljohn,

    Hats of to you for getting the beta on the V8's. Good stuff it should be judging by the intended coverage schedule.

    I'm supposed to be at a Candle festival in Sakon Nakhon on the 7th so I will try and locate a hotel with the Oz channel.

    Rain is starting to slow down a bit here in CNX but Uttadarit(sp?) seems to be suffering the worst. Just got back from a ride with Silverhawk up Doi Inthanon and down to Hot. Not so bad today but judging by the river banks it must have looked horrid earlier.

    Keep your head under a skirt and it should stay dry. Cheers.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  20. Tropicaljohno,

    Any excuse to talk about the weather.... I can confirm that we are having what might be described as an Indian Summer here in blighty.

    Nearly October and warm, dry, calm continues - I thank the Lord for global warming every day![8D]


  21. Tomo, Dont talk to me about the weather, its monsoons here at present. My satalite dish got clobbered by some bamboo so hope to get electrician out in the morning to fix it, as World Rally and F1 practice on Saturday.

    Also had to drive up to Bangkok Wednesday nite to pick up my GS1150 from Siam Superbike, and rode back today. Raining cats and dogs would be putting it mildly, it was more like sailing in a tropical storm, even had trouble reading the speedo/rev counters, and on the new Surat/Krabi expressway, you have to contend with the locals coming at you on the wrong side of the road, and they dont even think of putting there headlights on, just their right blinker, a bit unnerving to say the least.

    Big & Tall, dont get too excited re the V'8s as dont yet know if it will be live, but will keep you posted
  22. "Big & Tall, dont get too excited re the V'8s as dont yet know if it will be live, but will keep you posted"

    Thanks a bunch John. Nothing like good tin tops when the actions hot.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  23. Sounds like a scary trip Tropicaljohno...puts me in mind of the South of France in October last year - but with Alain Prost in a Citroen rather than 10 wheelers coming the other way!!

    I believe you're a Phuket based guy? Random question but we are planning on heading south in January after spending a week or so in/around Cnx...would you chance to know if the Nui Beach operation (just south of the Kata viewpoint?)is back up and running post tsunami and if they are offering accomodation nowadays? I've been there a couple of times and quite keen to return.
  24. According to
    V8 Supercars
    Join us for Bathurst 1000 Live on October 8. The eight hour continuous coverage will feature a special tribute to Australian racing legend Peter Brock.

    it's all live for a mere 8 hrs!
    And if Gus & Neil can get their giant screen sorted out the place to watch it could be the Downunder Pub & Restaurant on Nimmanhamein Soi 11.

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